Shameful!!! Adamant Mamata Banerjee rejected Central Govt’s request to celebrate Independence Day in Schools

Mamata Banerjee has secured a special distinction for herself, she is one of a kind of person who always believe to swim against the tide. She can go to any level to show her hatred towards PM Modi. She has called him dictator, she has made an issue while Army was carrying out a movement in West Bengal. She has accused PM Modi for trying to dethrone her government. She has registered her protest against GST and threatened to not to implement it from July.

However this time it seems, she has crossed all the limits. On the occasion of Independence Day, the Centre has written to all the States to organize patriotic events in schools towards creating a “patriotic fervor” to help realize Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘New India’ vision.However, as expected Mamata Banerjee has instructed State Schools to desist from following the Centre’s circular.

This is certainly an extremely shameful incident which against proved that for few Politicians, their vote bank is above everything, even the Nation is not on their priority.

Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar lashed out on Mamata Govt and termed this decision of the Trinamool Congress government as “unfortunate”. He said that the instructions, such as administering of the prime minister’s Sankalp Siddhi oath or commemorating the martyrs of freedom struggle or “various wars/terrorist actions”, are not binding on the schools and were part of a “secular agenda”.

“It is desirable that this momentous occasion should be celebrated with an objective to create a festive and patriotic mood across the nation and a movement is created to involve every citizen of this country in the mission of realizing the vision of a new India, which is clean and free from poverty, corruption, terrorism, communalism and casteism,”.

In the letter, Garg also requested the states to publicize the events, to be held between August 9 and 30, to help create a mass fervor in favor of the Mission New India. It added that apart from administering the oath, the schools, including those affiliated to the CBSE, and may be asked to organize quiz competitions on the struggle for Independence and the country’s development and painting competitions on the same theme.The quiz can be downloaded from the Narendra Modi App or the government’s official portal.

Javadekar also shared a copy of the memo issued by the West Bengal State Project Director of the West Bengal Sarva Shiksha Mission, which says that it has been decided by the school education department that Independence Day will not be celebrated in line with the Centre’s circular.

“The language used in the West Bengal government’s memo is strange and unfortunate. I will talk to them. What we have proposed is a secular agenda, not a political party agenda,” he said.

If we summarize the whole incident, then we must say that such adamant behavior of State government will certainly affect the federal structure of India. Mass Leaders like Mamata Banerjee should understand that such acts may trigger big issues in the future, which may not be very helpful for the sanctity and culture of our Nation. But the question is, whether Mamata Banerjee try to understand these Basic things?

Manish Sharma