Shameful! Congress leaders say what’s wrong in displaying Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s portrait in Aligarh Muslim University? Calls him a Freedom Fighter

What are the congress party leaders up to? Have they ultimately decided to split this country into shatters? Supporting fundamentalist and terming Hindus as terrorist, purely for the sake of power and votes has turned to be the basic agenda of Congress. How can Hindus ever feel secure in this nation?

Why INC India wants to continue with portrait of Jinnah, the man responsible for dividing our nation on communal grounds and mass killing of humans? Why?

Objecting the portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the Students’ Union Office at Aligarh Muslim University, BJP MP Satish Gautam has written to the Vice-Chancellor demanding that the portrait be taken down.

“It is fine if Jinnah has been revered in Pakistan after Partition. But his portrait should not be put up here in India,” said Aligarh MP Gautam, who also plans to speak to V-C Tariq Mansoor about it. “The university should instead celebrate the contributions of Raja Mahendra Pratap and Sir Syyed Ahmed who played a crucial role in establishing the university,” he added.

No need to shock over Jinnah portrait in AMU. Partition of India was not done in a day. AMU was birthplace of Partition idea, we must have demolished it in 1947 itself. Today, AMU is Radicalizing as A scholar joined Hizbul and Two from AMU are terror suspects in Train blast 2017.


In a letter to the Aligarh Muslim University V-C, BJP MP Satish Gautam has sought an explanation for Jinnah’s portrait in the Students’ Union office.

AMU Students’ Union, however, claims that Jinnah, like many other pre-Partition leaders, were conferred honorary membership of the university and as such their portraits have been installed in the campus since 1920. “Jinnah’s portrait was installed when he was conferred life membership (of the Students’ Union) in 1938. AMU has many things from the pre-Partition era like the Victoria Gate. Should that be brought down as well?” asked former AMU Students’ Union president Faizul Hasan.

“It is a tradition since 1920 to honour people of eminence with life membership. AMU first conferred it on Mahatma Gandhi in 1920 and on Jinnah in 1938. It is part of history… it does not mean we are part of them or their politics. CV Raman and VV Giri were also honoured with the same,” AMU Public Relations Officer (PRO) Omar Peerzada told News18.

Blowing air to the growing controversy over Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s portrait in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), a Congress MLA from Haryana has said that there is nothing wrong with Jinnah’s portrait at the AMU. Karan Dalal, the Congress MLA, also called Jinnah a freedom fighter.

“We should respect everybody’s photographs. We should show courtesy towards all those leaders who had led freedom fight movement for this country. May be they were from Pakistan but we fought the freedom fight together. Pakistan also respects Shahid Bhagat Singh. All those leaders who fought freedom movement should be respected,” said Karan Dalal, Congress MLA from Haryana.

After his remark over the Jinnah portrait, voices from across India have joined the demand to remove the portrait.

BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy says, “JNU is a centrally funded university and that there is no place for a portrait of a man who played such a role in the partition of India”. The campaign to get Jinnah’s portrait removed from AMU has also got the backing of Moulana Ezaz Mirza who is a Shia community cleric in Lucknow.
This duplicitous attitude of Congress has confused the minority Communities Appeasement and Appeasement alone has actually been reason for their isolation. There’s no effort to integrate people as Indians . People in India are now doubtful that Mahatma Gandhi ‘s photograph is garnished in any of the Pakistani wall???

This is another way to divert the attention from the real issues, says Sushmita Deb, Congress

If Nehru can be considered as a freedom fighter in India, then why not title Jinnah as a freedom fighter? Why not?

Yes. Muhammad Ali Jinnah is a freedom fighter for Pakistan. Is that wrong? So his photograph should be dumped in Pakistan and not in India. Yes, Jinnah was a freedom fighter until he did not demand the Pakistan but when he demanded then he does not remain a freedom fighter for India anymore. We Indians consider him as a man who destroyed India and built a nation with “no direction”. He was not just murderer of Hindus but Muslims as well.

Comparing India’s true freedom fighters with Jinnah, is a shameful act. They have given up their life fighting for the nation and Jinnah divided the nation on the basis of religion so that he could become the PM of the Islamic Republic!

There is nothing new in support for Jinnah. Nehru deliberately and intentionally created a situation by referring the Kashmir issue to the U.N,without discussing it in the cabinet meeting and in absence of the then Prime Minister who was away in Assam for 4 days and thereby created 35% territory of the state as Pakistan. He gave an interminable cancer to India.


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