SHAMEFUL! Rajdeep Sardesai uses derogatory language to mock Arnab Goswami’s new channel ‘Republic’!

Rajdeep Sardesai is known to use his extremely derogatory and abusive language against those who question him or criticize him. Its not the first time that he has abused people on twitter. In America this man had even physically attacked Modi supporters for questioning him.

This time again he has made below belt comment against Arnab Goswami’s new channel Republic. It is very common for anyone in public life to face criticism and questions from public. Most of the time, dignified people either ignore such criticism or respond in a decent way. But Rajdeep had to respond using most derogatory language.

As soon as he mocked the Republic, the entire twitter community reacted very angrily and started questioning him on his language. Some people on twitter even requested the Twitter India manager to suspend the account of Rajdeep Sardesai.

Panicked Rajdeep Sardesai had to remove his tweet which made him loose face again.

Some how the entire lutyens club is not happy with Arnab Goswami launching his new channel. They definitely know that he will expose every pseudo journos who spoke against India, Indian army after the surgical strikes and JNU incident in February 2016.

It is not just Rajdeep Sardesai who used abusive language but few of his gang members who cal themselves the secular Indian journos and are well known for their hate tweets and love towards Pakistan also mocked and called Goswami with names.

It was the same gang which rejoiced when Arnab Goswami quit TimesNow and mocked him that he was thrown out for talking like an ultra Nationalist. These people never wanted Goswami to start a new channel. Arnab Goswami had himself revealed about this in one of his interview saying that “one media house in Delhi wanted to stop the my Republic”!

“One Media Group is Desperately Trying to Stop My ‘REPUBLIC’”: Arnab Goswami!



Now it is quite evident who are those people who wanted to stop Goswami and fool people by showing fake stories. Same Rajdeep had NO SPINE to question SONIA GANDHI on the endless corruption during the UPA rule.

These people who earned their living by being slaves of few SIKULAR political parties have been exposed badly. The champions of hate mongers are now worried about their existence and want to start a hate campaign against Republic even before its started. It only shows how nervous they are and have already accepted the defeat.

Aishwarya S


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