Shameful Statement!!! Once again Farooq Abdullah embraced Pakistan & China and said that they are not India’s enemies

The motor-mouth of Farooq Abdullah has once again showed that he is very patriotic, but not towards India but to Pakistan and China. Mr Farooq who thinks that Jammu & Kashmir is the farm house of his ancestors, is responsible for the complete fiasco of in the valley.

Today he was caught saying in a rally that the “Chor” (Thief) is sitting within. He also said that there is no threat from China and Pakistan.

How can Mr Abdulla be so shameless to appease the Kashmiris? Daily, soldiers and civilians are dying due to the cease fire violations of the Pakistan. All the terror operations in India are Pakistan funded but he feels that Pakistan is not a threat.

China from decades claims that several parts of India belong to it. But Mr Abdulla today gave a clean chit to China saying that they are not a threat.

This remark was made by him in front of opposition leaders. So as usual, the man who ruled J&K for decades decided to politicize national security by favouring India’s staunch enemies.

Recently he had even said that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) belongs to Pakistan and will remain a part of the neighbouring country, just as Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) will always remain part of India.

Who is the “Chor” Mr. Farooq Abdullah? Aren’t you a “Chor” who always showed soft corner to Pakistan and terrorists?


Nishika Ram