Shameless journalist from Asia Times tries to attack NCC girl who questioned Rahul Gandhi in Mysuru, but check why he was made to apologize to people!

If any average politician would have got the amount of support from media as Rahul Gandhi gets, probably he would have won every election in India. But until now Rahul Gandhi is not able to project himself as a capable politician.

He is being protected in every step, he is being given cover for every stupid mistake he makes trying to make him look like a humble- innocent politician. But just like Rahul Gandhi, his PR agents are also failing every time by exposing themselves and lowering their standards every time.

Yesterday when Rahul Gandhi visited Mysore for the election rally, he addressed the NCC cadets in Maharani’s Arts and Commerce College for Women, Mysuru. A girl called Sanjana Singh from NCC asked as to how benefits can be extended to the NCC cadets who have cleared ‘C’ certificate examination, for which Rahul Gandhi had no answer and he had to admit that he did not have any knowledge about NCC.

His answer shocked the entire NCC cadets who had assembled to hear his opinion. Rahul Gandhi said “I don’t know the details of NCC training and that type of stuff, so I won’t be able to answer that question…. But, as a young Indian person I’d like to give you an opportunity where you can have opportunities, a successful education and a future where you can thrive in this country.” 

It was indeed a shock to know that a man who is aspiring to be the Prime Minister of India had no idea about NCC training and referred it to as “That Kind of Stuff.” Sanjana Singh who asked him the question expressed shock over Rahul Gandhi’s ignorance about NCC and said “I am surprised that he doesn’t have details of NCC.  It isn’t “other stuff”. It’s the second line of defence. Hope Rahul Gandhi learns about it. It’s important for a leader to know.”

After this incident, Rahul Gandhi faced major embarrassment and as usual people started mocking him for his lack of knowledge and his ignorance. Immediately the Congress PR agents in media started to defend him and called this was a ploy by the BJP to embarrass Rahul Gandhi deliberately.

A journalist from Asian Times Saikat Datta posted a tweet saying that the girl Sanjana Singh who asked a question to Rahul Gandhi was from ABVP and a BJP supporter and this was the reason she asked a question to Rahul Gandhi. But soon after his tweet went viral, the social media busted his lies giving proof that the girl who asked a question was nowhere related to BJP or ABVP.

Saikat Datta had posted the personal information of some girl without her permission claiming to be the same Sanjana Singh who asked Rahul Gandhi question in Mysore.

Many tweeples exposed the lies of these so called journalists who are working as PR agents for Rahul Gandhi trying to protect him from embarrassment every time he makes some idiotic blunder.

Finally, Saikat Datta had to apologize openly on Twitter and delete his tweet for spreading the fake news about NCC cadet. This is how these shameless media have turned into political PIDIs of Congress trying to hide the idiocy of Rahul Gandhi and project him as the future leader.

Aishwarya S


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