She shared Indian Army’s plan with Pakistan during Kargil War, she helped terrorists during 2008 Mumbai attack; Meet Indian Journalist Burkha Dutt

Indians are misled in many ways by our own people and are used as a weapon to check India’s development. Pakistani based terrorists are successful in elluring few misguided youths. The biggest threats to India are the journalists who are intended to break India. When these biased journalists increase, anti-nationalists like Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar will be projected as competitors to India’s Prime Minister.

Few Journalists get offended to sing “Vande Mataram” or to watch the Kanwar yatras are spread over several top TV channels

Kavita Krishnan, Ranna Ayyub, Sagarika Ghose, Arundhati Roy and many more are working day and night to break India. Among these, one lady holds the top most position and her name is Burkha Dutt.

Burkha Dutt and her attachment towards misguide terrorists

The Indian Security forces were becoming the targets of terrorists mainly due to few men of Kashmir who were supporting the Pakistani terrorists. But Burkha Dutt couldn’t tolerate when certain Kashmiri youths were exposed.

So she launched a series of shows on her channel and tried to tag the terrorists as “misguided youths or the unemployed youths” who were forced to embrace terrorism as they had no other option. So for her anti-nationalistic report, she received even the appreciation of terrorists Hafiz Sayeed.

The day when she suppressed freedom of expression of a blogger

The blogger, Chyetanya Kunte, in his post named “Shoddy Journalism”, had come down heavily on Barkha Dutt for “breaking every rule of ethical journalism in reporting the Mumbai mayhem.”

He had also accused Dutt of “giving away locations in her broadcasts, thus causing Indian casualties” during the Kargil War.

But what Mr Kunte forgot was that “Free Speech” is only for journalists like Burkha Dutt and not for patriots like Chyetanya Kunte. So he was forced to remove that post from is blog. The NDTV might have done the background work to force him to remove.

But today we can see Burkha roaming and shouting of “Free Speech” but will she mention of what she did?

2008 Mumbai attack was a brutal attack on India under UPA rule but for the sake of TRP, Burkha Dutt had compromised the security of the hostages. Due to her irresponsibility, the operation to hunt down the terrorists was extended for several hours as the terrorists got an update of Indian security forces exact location.

Burkha’s involvement in scam: The Radia tapes

In the Nira Radia tapes, Barkha Dutt agrees to pass messages between Nira Radia, who appeared to be trying to get a politician suspected of corruption reappointed as telecommunications minister at the behest of her clients, and senior leaders of the Congress Party. Some critics accused her of acting as a power broker, a charge she vehemently denied.

The Central Bureau of Investigation announced that they had 5,851 recordings of phone conversations by Radia, some of which outline Radia’s attempts to broker deals in relation to the 2G spectrum sale.

Was Barkha Dutt’s reporting in Kargil fatal to the Indian Army?

At the time of Kargil war General V. P. Malik was the Indian Army Chief. In his book on Kargil war “From Surprise to Victory” he talked about Barkha Dutt’s reporting in Kargil war. General mentioned that after the war, he invited Barkha Dutt to his office and admired her for the professionalism she showed while reporting in the war. He also politely told her that she might have unintentionally shared Army’s plan with enemy by saying that “our next target is Tiger Hill”.

So intentionally or unintentionally, she shared India’s secret locations with Pakistanis.

Source: http://www.mid-day.com/articles/why-blogs-are-angry-at-barkha-dutt/30802



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