She called our PM a gay and our Mother a sex slave, yet we should condole her death!!! Incredible

From past 2-3 days, the entire media has gone berserk to project Gauri Lankesh as a great intellectual journalist, free thinker, courageous and outspoken. But the big question is do you get all these titles only if you abuse Hindus or Narendra Modi?

Before making any comments against Gauri Lankesh, One should look at her Facebook and Twitter posts to know what sort of intellectual she was!

It makes us wonder, this is what it takes to become an intellectual or liberal or secular?! Did she get recognition by lutyens media and liberals for abusing Hindus or PM Modi? Which dignified journalist would use such derogatory language against any person or organisation just because they oppose the ideology?

Imagine if same language was used by right wing against left ideologists, would they remain quiet? Would they call us intellectuals? courageous or outspoken?! In fact, people have been very respectful for Gauri Lankesh even after she displayed her cheap and disgraceful attitude.

She calls Right wing women sex slaves, rapists….will media ever highlight these posts of her? Will they proudly display them on their lutyens walls? She says PM Modi should be gifted a used sanitary napkin, but will she gift the same to her Azadi children Kanhaiya and Umar for chanting slogans against India?! Or did she send Sonia Gandhi used sanitary napkins when their government was caught in hell of scams??

Her mentality more so looks like disturbed state of mind with no direction or objective in life, other than to blindly oppose Hindus.This is the real face of seculars and liberals in India. This is what they represent. Only a person insecure with their position or cannot prove their point indulges in abuse and this is what Gauri Lankesh and all her supporters in media have done.

Media wants people to cry for her. Liberals wants people to give her award, Sikular politicians gave her state funeral….!! We are lucky, these so called seculars did not ask a state funeral for Burhan Wani, although the media gave him all respect and made him hero in their newspapers!

Aishwarya S