She Lived And Died For India! Months After Sushma Swaraj’s Death, Her Husband Swaraj Kaushal Reveals Why She Refused To Go Abroad For Her Kindey Transplant Surgery!

Former external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj had truly struck a chord with young and old with her social media presence and eagerness to help Indians in distress. From being labelled  as the ‘supermom’ of India by Washington Post to becoming one of the most-followed politicians on Twitter, Sushma Swaraj won hearts of millions worldwide.

Sushma Swaraj breathed her last on August 6, 2019 after suffering cardiac arrest. She also underwent a kidney transplant surgery in December 2016 at AIIMS.

Now, months  after her death, her husband and former MP Swaraj Kaushal took to Twitter to share a memory of his beloved wife. He shares why the former minister chose AIIMS for her kidney transplant and refused to go abroad for her treatment.

According to a tweet by her husband, the minister was bent on receiving the transplant at AIIMS itself even when the doctors themselves wanted her to try other options.

He said that, Sushma Swaraj, refused to go abroad, saying people will lose faith in “our doctors and hospitals” if she travelled out of the country for the treatment.

Swaraj Kaushal tweeted, “AIIMS doctors were not ready for her kidney transplant surgery in India. She said it was a matter of national pride and refused to go abroad,” “She fixed the date of her surgery and asked Dr Mukut Minz ‘Doc Sab – aap sirf instruments pakadaiye, Krishna meri surgery aap karenge (just hold the instruments, Lord will Krishna perform my surgery).”

He also recalled that just a day later, she was smiling in an easy chair,“She said ‘if we go abroad, people will lose faith in our doctors and hospitals.’ She treated her surgery as a minor operation. She gave all credit to the AIIMS doctors who are best in the world, dedicated sisters and the staff,”

Swaraj Kaushal also said that, they do not have words enough to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his help in Sushma Swaraj’s treatment.

“He was in constant touch with the doctors. He always advised her not to strain as her health was paramount. Bansuri and I are eternally grateful to him (Modi),” Swaraj Kaushal said.

He added that, Modi ensured that Sushma Swaraj was treated at the AIIMS wing meant for the Prime Minister and  he would speak to her regularly. “There was nothing that should have been done and was not done,” he said.

He further wrote on Twitter, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Prime Minister,”. “We should trust our doctors. We should have none of these Enquiry Commissions. That deters our brilliant doctors from operating on the VIPs. We salute our doctors in AIIMS. Nothing can match their competence and commitment.”

Thousands of netizens liked and shared the tweet of Swaraj Kaushal and many even asked him to write a memoir of his experiences and memories of his beloved wife, Sushma Swaraj.

Well, Sushma Swaraj believed in the potential of our doctors and decided stay in India for her treatment. Various sources claim that the success rate of the AIIMS doctors is as high as the best in the world.

Sushma Sawraj stands as the best External Affairs Minister of all time and also one of the best Cabinet Minister in Narendra Modi led NDA government. Sushma Swaraj was one of the most kind and helpful leader. She made every Indian feel she exist and exist to good for others.

Sharanya Alva


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