Shiv Bhakt Rahul Gandhi hurts crores of Hindus by eating Chicken and Pork in a Nepali restaurant before going on Mansarovar Yatra!

It is an unwritten rule. Whenever people visit holy places, they do bath and even consume vegetarian food as a symbol of respect. But now a man who has adopted a soft-Hindutva stand has insulted the belief of 100 crore Hindus.

After a lot of drama, Rahul Gandhi began his pilgrimage to Mansarovar but he committed an act that is totally unforgivable.

On 30th August Rahul Gandhi was in Kathmandu and on the same night Rahul Gandhi consumed non-vegetarian food (Chicken and pork) and this incident was confirmed by none other than the waiter of the restaurant from where Rahul Gandhi consumed the non-vegetarian food.

Whenever a man is on a pilgrimage, he will never consume non-vegetarian food items. But Rahul Gandhi ordered for non-veg items, not once but twice.

Soon after the statement given by the waiter of the restaurant, the hotel management said that they haven’t given out any official statement on Rahul Gandhi’s pork controversy. But the waiter stood firm on his revelation.

The incident was first reported by a Nepali website and later on, the Indian media’s made a follow up on it by contacting the waiter of the restaurant.

Lies, controversies and pseudo-Hindutva: This is the timeline of Rahul Gandhi’s Mansarovar Yatra

  • During the Karnataka elections, the Shiv Bhakt Rahul Gandhi announced that he would go on a Mansarovar Yatra.
  • But the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said that Rahul Gandhi hasn’t applied for the Yatra. MEA said “We have not received any formal request from Rahul Gandhi. There are two ways to travel to Mansarovar. One is to travel according to annual lottery system of the government, the other is to travel privately by the Nepal route. We have not yet received any request for both. If we get a formal request we can take it further”.
  • After this, the date was announced for Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mansarovar but again a massive controversy broke out after a sensational revelation made by BJP.
  • The BJP spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra said “Rahul Gandhi will go to Nepal and then China. He wanted the Chinese ambassador to see him off. The Chinese ambassador wrote to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) asking for three passes to use the airport lounge so that a ceremonial send-off could be given to see off Rahul Gandhi. Three permanent passes are with every envoy. Did they use it? Why did the Chinese ambassador want to see off a non-Chinese resident? Why see off an Indian resident?”.

This is not the first time where the Shiv-Bhakt Rahul Gandhi had hurt the Hindus. Even in the past, Rahul Gandhi had made several derogatory statements against Hindus and Hindutva. Here’s a list of it:

  • In 2014, he had once said that temple goers are eve teaser. “Those who go to the temples, worship the goddess, refer to women as daughters and mothers, molest women in the bus,” he said.
  • On August 2018, the Congress president had said that he did not believe in any kind of Hindutva — soft or hard.

By these incidents, one thing is clear that Rahul Gandhi, the janeu dhari Shiv Bhakt has taken Hinduism for granted and is shamelessly misusing the tolerance of it.

Hansika Raj