Shiva is everywhere but not here today; All is not well!!! This is how vice-president Venkaiah Naidu made a dashing debut

No need to beg... this is independent India!!!

Today was the first day of the winter session of the Upper House of the parliament of India. The session was packed for many reasons apart from the protests of Congress. The Rajya Sabha witnessed the debut of two iconic figures, vice-president Venakaiah Naidu and BJP president Amit Shah.

The man of the match of the first session was clearly the vice-president of India, Mr  Venkaiah Naidu. This was due to his bold words coated with an extreme sense of humor. Mr Naidu showed no mercy to bash the public representatives in the parliament.

Just say I raise to lay on the table the listed papers. No need to beg… this is independent India!!!

This is how Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu ordered the members not to use the word “beg” as it is a colonial word. Mr Naidu suggested this change when the ministers said “I beg to lay on the table the papers listed against my name in today’s revised list of business.”

“Venkaiah Naidu suggested that the Union Ministers need not use the word “beg” while presenting papers or laying reports on the table of the Rajya Sabha as it is British style. Word “beg” to be replaced with “present” the papers in the Rajya Sabha”. RSS Swayamsevak SG Suryah welcomed the move of vice-president Venkaiah Naidu.

Another appreciable task done by Mr Naidu was he stood up while reading out obituary references. But the previous vice-President Mr Hamid Ansari performed this task while being seated. This proved that Mr Naidu is different from the previous office bearers.

With humor, Mr Naidu whipped the leaders who ignored their duty!!!

Using derogatory languages and making fun of India was a culture of few leaders. But this won’t be possible from today onwards.  “There is no point … in your point of order”, this was how Mr Naidu bashed SP’s Naresh Agarwal when he tried to raise a point regarding the disqualification of two former JD(U) members of the House. Vice-President also said the matter cannot be discussed as it is a decision of the Chair.

When Mr Naidu asked AIADMK’s A Navaneetha Krishnan to discuss regarding cyclone in Tamil Nadu, Congress and SP members started to disrupt by raising slogans. This behavior of Congress-led opposition angered the vice-president as he urged them to return to their seats. When they didn’t pay heed “You want to do like this on the first day…All in Well not well…,” he said and adjourned the House till noon.

“Rajya Sabha promises to be fun with M Venkaiah Naidu in the chair. Today he brushed aside a point order saying “there is neither order nor a point.” Let’s hope for many more one-liners amid the serious business”. This is how Swapan Dasgupta expressed his job.

Venkaisms during his RS debut:
* To Naresh Agarwal – there is no point or order in ur point of order.
* To members – all is not well in the well of the house.
* On not finding member Tiruchy Siva in the house — Shiva is everywhere but not here today.

All is not well!!!

Hansika Raj


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