Shobha De insults National Hero, gets slammed on Twitter

When the nation was saluting Major Nitin Gogoi, a sad bunch of Pseudo-liberals were questioning him. Our great nation unfortunately doesn’t have many great journalists. We could hardly see a few journalists speak in support of Gogoi. Major Nitin Gogoi not only employed a great method to deal with stone pelters, but also ended up saving several lives. Shobha De, the oldest living fossil on earth took to twitter to question Major Nitin Gogoi.

Major Nitin Gogoi had recently been awarded with the gallantry award by the Indian Army. Omar Abdullah was the first one to raise the issue, by posting a video. Omar Abdullah and his father Farooq Abdullah have never stood in support of the Indian Army. Both of them are insignificant in Indian politics, but the paid media is desperate to post anything and everything that is against the nation. Shobha De had been slammed on Twitter in the past.

Her comments about Indian athletes at the Rio Olympics were disappointing. She was slammed by Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag and many other celebrities for trying to discourage the athletes.

Shobha De challenged the people of India for a straw poll to find out if Major Gogoi was a national hero or not.

Twitter users Rohit Agarwal and Pawan Durani proved her wrong again. Rohit Agarwal’s poll saw 97% of Indians vote for National hero Major Nitin Gogoi.

Pawan Durani’s poll witnessed 98% of the Indians vote in favour of their national hero.

We do have the courage, Shobha De. You don’t need the mirror. You just need a psychiatrist. Make sure that all the pseudo-liberal elites accompany you.

Check how other Indians gave it back.

We salute Major Nitin Gogoi.

Nation loves Indian Army.

Alok Shetty