Shocking!!! 25 Muslim families denied entering into the Mosque after joining BJP

Intolerance in India has reached heights. It has gone to such extent that joining a political party can end up in snatching your right from entering the religious place.

This incident had happened in Shantirbazaar area in South Tripura. Certain families in the locality had joined BJP in an election. As we know, voting or joining a certain party is ones wish and no one can influence it. But here it is not the case, certain Muslim families had joined BJP as they felt that it can provide them with better governance. They didn’t know that this act of theirs can snatch the right to pray from them.

Yes, as soon as CPI (M) realised that these families joined BJP, they were banned from entering into the mosques. This is an act of intolerance. And the major player in this is CPI (M). After insulting the Indian Army General, they wanted to stay in news for all the wrong reasons. So they chose to grab the right to pray from Muslims.

The district Magistrate of South Tripura said that “ If anybody is found interfering other’s right of religion for whatever issue, the administration will take appropriate steps to secure citizen’s fundamental rights”.

The Minority Morcha President of BJP, Md Jasimuddin said that after the families were harassed by the CPI (M) goons, police were informed. In the last month, around 200 Muslim families had joined BJP as they were fed up of the CPI (M).

He even revealed certain facts which are shocking. The families which joined BJP were issued fatwa by the Imam saying that joining Hindu Party (BJP) is against the Islamic code. Further they were denied of government facilities like MGNREGS. At last they were tried to socially sideline.

Now the security of these families is a big concern because when CPI (M) can deny government facilities or right to pray than they may go to any extent.

But why the Mosque is supporting this act of CPI (M)? Mosque is a place of prayer and entry shouldn’t be denied. But this act in Tripura is ridiculous.

What would have happened if this was done in any temple?

Source: Internethindu.in

Vikrant Raj