Shocking!! 293 kids died in Congress ruling Karnataka due to the State’s negligence, no media outrage!!! Will Rahul Gandhi visit now?

It’s a great shock for the state government of Karnataka! Those lunatic Congress politicians who barked at Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur tragedy should see their face in a mirror now! Because, another tragedy happened in Sri Narasimha Raja District Hospital of Kolar. It’s proven that the Congress is just for words, but not for action.

A few years back, The World back funded for the hospital in order to develop the fundamental sources. In 2008, human rights commission ordered to the State Government to supply fundamental utensils and development funds. But, the State government had not given any funds in regards to SRN hospital Kolar.

It is reported that there was no proper facility in surgery unit. One of the patients reported earlier that there was no proper light in Surgery Unit itself. Then, S.R.Nayak, the President of Human Rights commission asked them to settle down the basic fundamental issues.

Once again, it’s proved that the state government did not consider the suggestion of Human Rights Commission.

Statistics confirmed 293 deaths!

According to the statistics, in a span of past 4 months, 293 kids died. The hospital authorities said that they are being ignored by the state government even though they had asked for proper facilities in the hospital. The World Bank already issued a fund for the hospital and where that big amount was gone?

This is not the first time in the history of Congress administration. Wherever it goes, Corruption follows! From 2013-14 and till 2016 September 2321 pregnant women died because of malnutrition, 43172 kids (1-5 years) died because of hunger. If you see these statistics, you may realize the facts of Congress administration.

The Chief  Minister of  Karnataka is sleeping!

Fact is, the CM of Karnataka speaks of the future generation, election and he is now busy in bullying and blaming BJP government. Entire Karnataka is watching him. But, he did not utter a single word about this issue.

The CM of Karnataka must look his back before raising voice against Uttar Pradesh tragedy. Whenever this Congress replaces the power, then death hollows starts like a game.

Rahul Gandhi, who has a habit of visiting tragedy places as a “Tragedy Tourist” will visit now? I guess Sonia Gandhi might be afraid of sending her poor kid to Kolar now!!

Shikha Mahajan