Shocking!!! 5000+ Durga Pooja idol immersion postponed for just 2 Muharam processions in West Bengal; Do you know what else happened in Mamata’s state?

Minority appeasement at its very best. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee seems to be attaining new heights in keeping Muslims pleased at the cost of Hindu sentiments.

This was the fourth consecutive year when around 300 households in a village in West Bengal’s Birbhum district weren’t able to perform Durga Puja simply because a few Muslim families opposed the puja, and not wanting to displease them the Mamata administration denied Hindu families their basic right.

The incident came to light at Kanglapahari village – which is a Hindu-dominated village – under Nalhati police station in the district near Bengal-Jharkhand border under Rampurhat sub-division.

Organisers of Durga Puja submitted their plea to the office of the district magistrate, police superintendent, sub-divisional officer and sub-divisional police officer of Rampurhat and Block Development Officer of Nalhati-I on September 1. The administration has given no response at all.

Just 25 Muslim families have opposed the Durga Puja because of which around 300 Hindu families aren’t able to perform it. All the district administrative machinery has repeatedly denied permission to the puja committee, Kanglapahari Durga Mandir Committee. The collusion against Hindus in Mamata’s rule is such that for the past three years, the local administration, panchayat and Nalhati police have jointly prevented puja organisers from hosting the puja on the grounds of law and order issues.

Chandan Sau of the Kanglapahari Durga Mandir Committee said: “District officials are not responding as they don’t want to antagonise the Muslims.”When the same was asked to Birbhum DM P Mohan Gandhi, he sidestepped the question saying: “The formal procedure is to submit the appeal to the SDO and he’s the person to issue the necessary permission depending on the law and order situation.

The level of Muslim appeasement is stunning. But what are the Hindus of West Bengal doing? They repeatedly vote Mamata to power as if completely oblivious to the fact that her politics is based on minority-appeasement at the expense of Hindus. Lack of unity is again the core problem in Hindus, like it has been for centuries. Many right-wingers shout about what the government is doing for Hindus. I ask – What are Hindus doing for themselves? The old adage ‘a mother also feeds her child only when the child cries’ is very apt here. Hindus get slaughtered, raped, harassed, thrown out of their homes, the capacity of their festivals is restricted, but we never see any organised and collective protests against the discrimination. Because they never cry, they’re never heard. Lakhs of Muslims gathered demanding hanging for Kamlesh Tiwari; did any Hindu take to the streets when a doctor was murdered by a few Muslim youth in Delhi? None. Sadly, many Hindus are now mere Twitter-activists, running trends on temples and hashtags like #HinduLivesMatter, and they think this will change the situation. This won’t. A billion Hindus and we’ve to resort to Twitter to express grief and anger! High-time we stop depending on anyone and stop acting like a minority that begs to be heard!


Vinayak Jain


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