Shocking admission on Tape!!! This is the reality of the so-called secular party, JDS, which is ruling Karnataka

The secret face of the so-called secular parties which always targets BJP as a communal party and say, they have come together (JDS & Congress) to save the nation from communal BJP party has once again been revealed. In an expose by TimesNow, it is revealed that these parties themselves exploit the caste for their own political benefits. They have no concern with the welfare of the state but believe in realizing their own self interests.

These parties run Government not on the basis of what is good for state but on the basis of what is good for them? What is favourable for them? They will only favour and support those people who will support them. All others will be on their hate mongering list and will have to pay heavily for it.

This has been proved by the recent events happening in the coalition Government of Congress- JDS in Karnataka for assigning the cabinet berths. What will be the future of the state and attitude of the party for the people is revealed by none other than their own party cadres. Members of JDS have made a  shocking admission that Muslims have been deliberately denied the cabinet berths. The insiders have stated that Gowdas are not happy with the Muslims, they are angry with the community for not fully backing JD(S) and therefore in resentment, they are being kept away from key portfolios. The Congress ally (JDS) is taking this step as according to poll audit conducted by them lesser votes from Muslim community have cost them heavily in elections.

The insider also revealed that all the defeated MLAs were complaining about a shortfall of votes in Muslim booths everywhere including Ramnagar and he stated most of Muslim community has a hand in elections result and this votes has led to increase in vote share of BJP, upsetting Gowdas.

It is clear from the revelations made by the insiders that the cabinet berths are being issued according to caste. As he also gave information that 2-3 berths are going to be vacant, 2,3 they are thinking for reserving it for Vokkalingas, Some seats for Lingayats,1 for Kurbas and 1 for SC/ST. The Muslim party All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) of Asaduddin Owaisi had lend its support to Janata Dal (Secular) and also not contested the Assembly elections so that their vote share will go in favour of JDS but what now Janta Dal is doing with Muslims. Is this the secularism JDS stands for? Is this the respect of democracy by the party? Take revenge from those who doesn’t vote you. Where is equivalence? The party is punishing the people for their right to vote.

What Congress, who always boasts about uniting the nation and blames Modi Government for assaulting vulnerable communities has now to answer for their ally movements? The Congress party which has always been a hardcore supporter of Muslims are now seeing this shameful act happening.  Is the democracy not in danger now? The same reason for which they raise questions and blames BJP, they themselves are doing that now? Will Congress now break its alliance with the JD(S) who is assaulting the Muslim just because they haven’t voted for the party?

These parties firstly formed the unholy alliance and then disrespecting the people’s mandate forced their government on the people of Karnataka is now dividing the state on the basis of caste and spreading hatred among communities.