Shocking!!! Aftab Ahmed tries to crash Air Asia Delhi-Ranchi flight by opening emergency door

Aftab Ahmed, 32 year old man tried to open the emergency door and tried to crash the flight when the plane had not landed yet.  Due to this unexpected incident, few passengers were injured when the members of the flight crew tried to stop him.

Aftab Ahmed had boarded the Air Asia flight from Delhi. Before it could reach Ranchi, he tried to open the emergency door. Ahmed, a resident of Ranchi, was overpowered and handed over to the police at Ranchi after the flight landed safely.

The Air Asia flight had to reach Kolkata via Ranchi from Delhi. But at around 9.50 PM, Ahmed who was seated on 24-A, got up all of a sudden and tried to force open one of the emergency doors of the flight.

Even such kind of activities had happened in the past. An unruly passenger flew all the way from Dubai to New Delhi tied to his seat as the crew aboard an Indigo flight, 6E-024, had to take the drastic step for his fellow passenger’s safety soon after take-off on Tuesday evening. He was not following safety instructions. Even a Russian tourist who had consumed alcohol had also tried to open the door of a Delhi-bound plane. Later he was fined by the court.

The intension of Aftab Ahmed has not yet been revealed. These kinds of incidents are serious threats not only to the passengers but also to the security of the nations. Police are yet to find out whether he has any links with any kind of organisations.

Nishika Ram