Shocking! Arvind Kejriwal gave ticket to a man who has more than 380 criminal cases against him!

Delhi CM Kejriwal today once again tried to claim that his party is the only honest party in India and all other party in the country are filled with corrupt politicians. Kejriwal in his flow of speech went on to say his party will not think twice to cancel the ticket even before 24 hours before the poll. While this makes good for rhetoric, stats show totally completely different picture. Kejriwal’s love for headlines is evident to you and is the precise he either attacks PM Modi or speaks of himself as an anti-corruption crusader and his friends in the media will make sure his speech is repeated again and again to bring him to limelight.

Arvind Kejriwal who claims to be the one who wants to see clean politics to prevail in India has given tickets to tainted in large number and many are also serving terms in jail for criminal charges against them. Kejriwal is a serial liar and is trying to fool people by acting as if he is as pure as milk. No we are not making any baseless allegation like Kejriwal does, rather we are producing facts to back our argument.

We all know that Mr. Jintender Singh Tomar was arrested and is presently out on bail in fake degree row in which Mr Kejriwal had attacked the centre for conspiring against the Delhi Government. When the degree was found to be fake, Kejriwal showed his hypocrisy by saying that he was unaware of the fact that the degree was fake. This is the level of irresponsibility of Mr. Kejriwal who first defends criminals openly and then speaks as if he knew nothing. This is not the only case where Kejriwal defended a criminal. Kejriwal also infamously tried to defend his them Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar who was later found to be guilty of corruption and his party men like Somnath Bharathi in domestic violence case and also Dr Kumar Vishwas who was facing molestation charges against him.

Kejriwal is playing a dirty game where he wants to win the votes by hook or crook. He fools people by saying he won’t give tickets to people with criminal cases against them and yet his party has a history of providing tickets to criminals who are facing not one or two but several criminal charges against them.

To start with 44 out of 67 MLA’s were crorepati’s who won the Delhi Assembly Election on AAP’s ticket. This stat alone is enough for you to understand how many Aam Admi(common man) are given a chance to fight election by the party. 23 out of those 67 MLA’s are facing criminal charges against them, i.e., 34% of the MLA’s who are representing AAP are facing criminal charges and its national convener Kejriwal is roaming around the country calling his party as a party with difference. It is interesting to also note that 11 out of the 67 MLA also had to be arrested on various cases in Delhi.

The hypocrisy of Arvind Kejriwal doesn’t stop here, Kejriwal who broke the promise of giving a stable government to Delhi in its first tenure not only broke the promise to fulfill his personal ambition of becoming the PM of the country but also gave tickets to tainted candidates in his attempt to win the Lok Sabha Elections. SP Udayakumar who was facing 382 criminal charges against him was made the candidate of AAP from Kanyakumari district, also M Pushpanarayan from Thoothukkudi constituency had declared 380 criminal charges against him during the Lok Sabha Elections. Isn’t it hypocrisy that the same kejriwal who gave tickets to people with massive criminal charges against them is today talking of ‘Clean Candidates’ in Goa today.

One more AAP candidate from Kandhamal Lok Sabha seat in Odisha was Narendra Mohanty. Mohanty had declared 28 cases against him and out those cases three were murder cases, one was attempt to murder and another one being dacoity with murder. This truly shows us how Kejriwal has taken so much effort to choose the ‘Clean’ candidate to represent his party. In total 15% of total candidates fielded by AAP for Lok Sabha polls were having grave criminal charges against them and 34% of the candidates representing the party in Delhi are facing criminal charges against them.

This is the true face of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his party who speaks of clean politics on one hand and plays the dirtiest game of politics to win the elections on the other hand. People be aware of politicians like these who fool you by giving rhetoric which grab the headlines. It is time to teach people like Kejriwal a lesson and show them their true face.

Ramachandra Bhat K



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