SHOCKING : Arvind Kejriwal insults India ; posts a tweet in favour of Pakistan over Uri attacks…. gets slammed on twitter

It has been more than a week since the Pakistani terrorists attacked the army base camp in Uri, in which 18 soldiers sacrificed their lives. Since then, the whole nation has been in deep anguish. Almost every citizen is angry and is united at this moment. Government of India, under the prime-ministership of Shri Narendra Modi has accelerated its efforts to isolate Pakistan internationally and take tough actions. At a time, when the entire nation and most of the political parties are united together against Pakistan, here is the Chief Minister of Delhi – who insults India by tweeting that India has been isolated internationally, and not Pakistan….while reality, everyone knows, is different. This is an open and deliberate insult to the nation and all the people who are standing united.

Look at the shocking tweet from Kejriwal –

Even more surprising is the fact that while most of the people have started to boycott Pakistan and the mood of the nation is against free passage given to Pakistani actors, singers and traders…. Kejriwal has rubbed salt on wounds of 18 soldiers who gave up their lives by such a shameless tweet, and “happily accepting the invite to visit Karachi literary festival” which will be held in 2017. On one hand, while every Indian is trying to isolate and boycott Pakistan, Arvind Kejriwal is supporting Pakistan by his words and deeds…and insulting India, Indians and the martyrs.

Since last few days, the PM sent a quite strong message to Pakistan from his rally in Kozhikode, which was followed by the review of Indus Water Treaty under which PM has directed the authorities to cut off water supply and utilise maximum water. He said, “Blood and water cannot flow together”. Today, India took another big step to isolate Pakistan by confirming that India will not attend the SAARC summit. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan are also with India and are not going to attend the SAARC (Bangladesh has already confirmed). On Thursday, the PM Shri Modi is holding a high level meeting to review and cancel the “Most Favoured Nation” status which India had accorded to Pakistan for trade and economic activities.

The UNGA speech by Sushma Swaraj , where she exposed Pakistan and used strongest of words to condemn its activities, was well received by most of the member nations. France, Germany, UK, Australia and Japan have expressed their “Unconditional support” to India. Countries like Aghanistan and Bangladesh have even cancelled their visit to SAARC and have pledged alliance to India in fighting Pakistan sponsored terror.

At a time, when whole country is supposed to be united, why is Kejriwal speaking the language of Pakistan and giving it a long rope by supporting it by his tweets and visiting Karachi festival ??? Who is he trying to please ??

However, twitter was quick to slam his nefarious anti-Indian post. Twitterati was visibly anguished and used harshest of words to teach him a lesson. Here are some of the tweets :


Kshitij Mohan