Shocking! Azam Khan Abuses Indians for Supporting PM Modi’s Decision of Demonetization!

Since Demonetization, all the Politicians of Opposition are upset! They are upset that Indians are not upset! These politicians have whined since 8th November that Demonetization has victimized Indians. But citizens of India are braving off the petty inconveniences of Demonetization without complaining. Recently, Azam Khan from Samajwadi Party scolded and abused Indians for standing with PM Modi in his decision of Demonetization!

Samajwadi Party leaders are highly infamous for their insensitive, invalid and weird statements. But their Urban Development Minister Azam Khan beats them all to be the most controversial leader with his sensational allegations, abusive speech and Communal Politics that leaves Samajwadi Party red-faced more often than not!

On 23rd December, Azam Khan was addressing a gathering in Lukhnow. During his speech, Azam Khan made an abusive remark on Indians that Indians are thankless to the Political leaders who work on development. He later commented that PM Modi has scrapped hard-earned money of poor people by Note ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000. Now, even a poor man holding Jan Dhan Account knows the truth that he can deposit his stock of banned notes and withdraw new currency.  If at all the banned notes are scrapped  anywhere, they are the unaccountable piles of black money of Politicians, Businessmen and Income-tax evaders.

In his attempt to further convince the gathering that they need to revolt against PM Modi, Azam Khan tried to scare people by his blatant lies. He said that PM Modi might even issue an order to investigate on their Gold ornaments. Nonsensical statements are the forte of Azam Khan. He once gave an extremely insensitive statement addressing the Rape Victims: “If you publicize your crime so much, how will you show your face to the world?” In other words, feel ashamed of being raped. Don’t seek justice. Let the rapist go unpunished and scot free to commit another such crime! With protectors of such mentality, it’s no wonder that Uttar Pradesh tops the list of highest Rape cases!

Recently, Supreme Court accepted Azam Khan’s apology for his brutal statement with regard to Bulandshahr Gang rape.  In August, the news of the heinous Rape case of Mother-daughter at gunpoint angered and saddened the country! Eight armed men attacked the car on Delhi-Kanpur highway and dragged the family members in the nearby sugarcane fields. They tied the family members and raped a 38 years old mother and her 12 years old daughter. The offenders looted the cash amounting to Rs 36000/ and jewelry. Ironically, the incident happened hardly 100 meters away from the Police Post.

Azam Khan suggested that it could be an outcome of Political Conspiracy to malign Samajwadi Party due to Election times. He suggested the investigative agencies to explore the possibilities of some opposition party being involved in the gang rape! He even alleged BJP for attempting to create conditions like 2002. Traumatized family of Bulandshahr Rape victims were pained by the insensitive and shameful remarks by Azam Khan . The 12 years old victim of Bulandshahr Rape case moved to Supreme Court seeking action against Azam Khan!

Samajwadi party is a mute spectator to the idiocies of their Controversial minister. In the wake of upcoming elections, Azam Khan represents the Minority Vote-Bank!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi