Shocking and shameful : Barkha Dutt openly supports caste- and religion- based politics

The Supreme Court of India passed a historic judgement yesterday, banning the use of caste, creed, religion and language to seek votes. The judgement barred the politicians from seeking votes in the name of religion, caste or creed,ahead of crucial assembly polls in five states. The apex court also ruled that seeking votes in the name of religion, caste, language and creed will be deemed a corrupt practice and not permissible.

The seven judge bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice T S Thakur, said that elections are a secular exercise and that the relationship between people and whom they worship is an individual choice. Therefore, the state is forbidden to interfere in such an activity. “The relation between man and God is an individual choice. The state is forbidden to have an allegiance to such and activity. Religion has no role in electoral process, which is a secular activity. Mixing state with religion is not constitutionally permissible,” the court said in its judgement.

The biggest loser from this landmark judgement will be the so called “secular” parties, which have been indulging in endless minority appeasement and abusing the Hindus for electoral gains. Narendra Modi led current dispensation of BJP is going to benefit from this as Modi has always campaigned for development and “sabka saath, sabka vikaas.” While entire country is happy with the judgement, there is one journalist who seems to be extremely upset with the judgement. Yes, no guesses – she is Barkha Dutt. Soon after the judgement, she tweeted, “Mandir & Mandal defined two decades of National Politics. Religion, Caste, Competitive Communalism entrenched. How can court change that?The language of Barkha’s tweet is evident that she wants the status-quo of elections being contested on divisive lines of caste (Mandal) and religion (mandir) must continue. She goes one step further to express her shock on the decision, asking how the court can change such a two-decade old practice.

It is not a hidden fact that journalists like Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Pranoy Roy, Ravish Kumar and some others have been in the forefront of breaking the society on communal and caste-based lines to please their masters. Be it their reporting and biased journalism before elections, all has been on the agenda of using the angle of religion and caste to divide the society. Therefore, the anger and frustration of Barkha Dutt by this judgement is not unexpected. Since the politicians will not use caste, religion or language to seek votes, it will become difficult for journalists like Barkha Dutt to divide the society by her misrepresentation and twisting of statements of politicians. This tweet coming from a journalist like Barkha shows how intent she is on keeping the society divided so that her political masters continue to reap the benefits.

The judgement also comes as a huge setback to the so-called secular political parties, which have been playing various religious and caste-based cards to appease the vote banks. Be it the Congress’s appeasement of Muslims in the name of “secularism”, or Lalu Yadav seeking votes in the name of Yadav, some of the members of BJP seeking votes in the name of Hindutva, Mayawati seeking votes in the name of Dalits, Mamata seeking votes in the name of Muslims, the list is endless. All these polarization by the so-called “secular” parties have definitely led to counter polarization, leading to the fragmentation of the society on the basis of religion, and further division of castes among Hindus. Hope this judgement will put an end to the division caused by politicians and media-persons like Barkha Dutt.

Mrs. Barkha Dutt, our country has already burned a lot due to caste- and communal- based politics. Have some shame and stop supporting such evil things just for the sake of benefits that you receive from your political masters. Please stop your agenda of dividing the country on religious lines. You have done enough of that since last 15 years ! The results have been the loss of lives and properties.

Kshitij Mohan