SHOCKING! BJP Rajya Sabha MP Roopa Ganguly Almost Killed by Mamata Banerjee’s Goons in Kolkata!

Roopa Ganguly, BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP and West Bengal Women’s wing chief has been admitted in a hospital in Kolkata following a severe headache and loss of vision. Doctors have detected blood clots in her brain. Her condition is critical but stable. She is paying the price of being a political leader in a state which is ruled by a party indulging in violence. West Bengal is a state where safety of common man is at risk, leaders of opposition are attacked and Hindus are treated like second rate citizens. Violence and riots are a way of life and law enforcement agencies have been reduced to being a puppet in the hands of TMC workers.

The condition of Roopa Ganguly is the result of what happened in May this year. A BJP worker and polling booth agent Basana Manji in Ishwaripur in 24 Paragana area was assaulted by Trinamool Congress goons and his family was under seige. Basana was admitted in a hospital while his family had fled. As a responsible party leader, she along with a few more women workers had gone to meet him. While they were returning from Ishwaripur, the party was attacked by TMC goons near Kakdwip.

Ganguly’s car was smashed with stones. She was pulled by hair so violently that the tuffs of her hair came off. Her blouse was torn and the goons hit her with bricks. She got severe injuries on her face, head and waist. Even the other women workers were not spared. They were also beaten and their clothes torn. While they were being assaulted, police watched like silent spectators. Only some local women and Ganguly’s own security guards helped her escape alive. The villagers reportedly said that the incident was well planned. It is really shameful that Mamata Banerjee allows the workers of her party to be so violent towards other women.

This was not the first time that Roopa Ganguly was attacked. In 2015, she was attacked in Alipore, an upscale area in Kolkata, just near CM’s residence. She was shoved, pushed and abused in the filthiest of language by TMC goons. Luckily that time police came to her rescue and she escaped any serious injury.

TMC has always been targeting Ms Ganguly, sometimes physically and sometimes verbally. Earlier TMC leader Abdur Rezzak Mollah called her ‘a real Draupadi’ in a derogatory way. As elections were already announced in West Bengal at that time, the Election Commission took cognizance of the matter and asked Mollah to apologise.

The brutality with which Ms Gangly was assaulted in May, is evident from the fact that she is suffering even after seven months of the attack. She has a small haematoma ie a blood clot in brain and loss of vision. Media never covered the incident of attack on her like they covered Dadri incident or the nun rape case. Even now the news of her illness and the reason behind it are missing in main stream media. This lack of empathy for violence victims in West Bengal has given encouragement to the culprits. With each passing day they are becoming bolder and more violent.

In a healthy democracy, a strong opposition plays an important role. But unfortunately West Bengal government is trying to suppress opposing voices. The way TMC cadre threatens, assaults and abuses other party workers, Weat Bengal looks like a state under dictatorship. Mamata Banerjee must understand that all the violence is destroying the state and soon people’s patience will wear off.

Rita Gupta