Shocking!!! China will use this Weapon to hold a Quarter of the World’s population hostage without firing a single shot!!!

China is world’s biggest Economy and undoubtedly possess one of the most coveted Armed
Forces in the World. It is an ambitious country and there is nothing wrong in that, it also wants to rule the World and even there is nothing wrong in having such aspirations. However the way China is

However the way China is weaponing the Natural resources to gain control over its neighbor is a point of concern, and we will be discussing it in this article.
China is preparing a Weapon which may help it hold a quarter of the world’s population hostage without firing a single shot, yes you heard it right. While the World keep discussing about China’s Military and Economy Power, a Natural force remain unnoticed by most of the People, that is Water China has control of more than Whooping 87,000 dams in Tibetan plateau. Tibet plateau is the source of ten major rivers which 2 billion people depend on, China possesses a weapon of massive destruction. China is indeed in a position where with the flip of a switch, it can release hundreds of millions of gallons of water from its mega dams into the territories of its neighbors which will cause unthinkable catastrophic floods and may devastate the neighboring countries up to unimaginable extent.

China has a leverage of being sitting high on the table, it is situated on the higher side of
Himalayan Mountains, which are also known as the “Water Towers of Asia.” It is very crucial as seven of the continent’s greatest rivers have their point of origin from Tibetan Plateau. Rivers like Mekong, Ganges, Yangtze, Indus, Brahmaputra and Irrawaddy originate from Himalaya.

It seems China understood the power it holds few decades back and it started building dams right from mid-fifties. In 1949, China had less than forty small hydroelectric dams, but now it has more dams than the United States, Brazil and Canada combined together.
On the upper Mekong alone, China has constructed seven mega dams with plans to build an additional twenty-one. Just one of its latest dams is capable of producing more hydropower than all of Vietnam and Thailand’s dams on the Mekong.

This drastic increase in dam building activity has had an outsized environmental impact and
stoked fears in downstream nations. Several Nations including India has registered their
protests in past and asked China to respect the environment, but it seems China never pay any heed.

It’s not only an issue of environment, these dams in Tibet can be disastrous for nations like
India, Bangladesh or Myanmar in event of Earthquake, accidents. The possibility cannot be ruled out if these Dams can be used to create mayhem in these nations by an intentional destruction.

This is nothing new actually, even in Past India has blamed china for releasing sudden
discharges which caused several Flash floods that caused destruction of estimated $30 million in damage and left 50,000 homeless in northeast India.

Every year, during China’s rainy season, downstream nations are on high alert as Chinese dams release water to ease pressure with little or no warning. A discharge by a dam will have a domino effect on the whole system, which can cause huge damages. Chinese dams are also believed to be responsible for worsening droughts. Last year, Vietnam pleaded China to release water from the Yunnan dam on the Mekong River to ease severe water shortages downstream. After repeated requests China finally agreed and waters flowed into Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

These two extremes not only highlight the environmental impact of Chinese dams, but also
serve as a stark reminder of China’s influence over its southern neighbors. These rivers are
foundational to life in South Asia, providing drinking water, irrigation for farming, habitats for fisheries and transportation for commerce.

This control of flow of the lifeblood of the region, China has gained an enormous power, which can be used as a bargain chip during any confrontation in future. And if any Nation doesn’t come to compromise table then China can use this Water Bomb to create a mayhem in that Nation.

Manish Sharma