Shocking: Congress government stoops to new low in vote bank appeasement!

The grand old party of India, already famous for division of India, dividing India on communal lines and its highly Muslim-appeasement stands has done it again. This time it is not implicit, but an explicit display of appeasement, which is shocking as well as disgusting. Restricted only to a few states now, they are not leaving any single stone unturned to appease the Muslims. In what can be termed as a very shocking decision, Uttarakhand government has decided to give two-hour break to the state government employees belonging to Muslim community for Friday prayers.

Muslim government employees in Uttarakhand will now get a special 2 hour break for Friday prayers.It was decided in a Cabinet meeting on Saturday that a special break from 12 noon till 2pm will be given to Muslim workers on Fridays

Providing a 2 hour break every Friday amounts to about 104 hours of productive time in a year assuming 52 weeks in a year). 104 hours of work corresponds to approximately 15 days of work. This means while the Muslim staffs will be drawing equal salary of their counterparts, despite working half a month less than them. Congress government had let similar thing happen in Assam where Muslim staffs used to take breaks on Fridays despite no such rules and no action was taken. However, last month, BJP government put an end to this practice and asked everyone to work on Fridays.

This is a clear attempt at appeasing the Muslim community. Government is no doubt free to provide breaks and holidays to their staffs for religious reasons. But the question is will the same government also make rules to provide breaks to the worshippers of Hanuman on Tuesdays, or the worshippers of Shiva on Monday on the similar grounds ? There are many religions, castes and beliefs in India who follow different Gods and have different sacred days. The appeasement of Muslims for vote bank politics has not only divided the country but also caused irreversible damage. How long will Congress party continue to indulge in such cheap brand of politics for a few votes ?

Kshitij Mohan