Shocking!!! Congress insults “National Anthem”!!! What Sonia Gandhi instructed to its spokesperson after this act will boil your blood

Today we celebrate 71st Independence Day and our chest swell with pride to hear this. The air we breathe is the contribution of the lakhs and lakhs of martyred souls. The best respect we can give to their sacrifice is by respecting each and every entity of India. It may be National song, national anthem, national flag and many more.

But India has become a hub for activities that will put our brave freedom fighters into shame. Let us look at an incident that happened just couple of days ago.

Indians have not yet coped up from the shock when few said that singing “Vande Mataram” is against their religion. Indians were trying hard to ignore it as they are from the most tolerant nation. But now, they are hit by another tragedy and that is given by Indian National Congress.

Congress is delivering what was expected from it by the Indians. From praising terrorists to calling Hindus as terrorists, the Congress had done all the tasks to divide India when it was ruling the nation. Now that it is losing its strong holds over Indian politics, it wants to stay in the limelight. So instead of performing some nation building work, it decided to insult the song that is carved in every individual’s heart, yes the “National Anthem” Jan Gan Man.

Congress partymen didn’t respect “National Anthem”

This fresh case of anti-national activity has been reported from Rajasthan where the Congress partymen are seen sitting on their chair when the national anthem was sung. Now this is really unacceptable but sadly this is common in Congress party.

Abusing the sitting Prime Minister with unconstitutional words by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi can be forgiven but not this act. Blood boils when we watch the video.

Sonia Gandhi led Congress has even ordered all its spokesperson not to utter even a single word on it in media. What else can be expected from a party which is run by Italy born Sonia Gandhi?

Soldiers who are even serving at minus temperature rise on their foot when they hear the national anthem but the Congress partymen who enjoyed within a warm room found it difficult to stand up. Do we need these leaders?

Watch the Vedio!!!



Nishika Ram