Shocking! Congress Party threatens ED and CBI officials; says will take revenge when back to power

The Congress party is at their shameful acts once again. After the crackdown of the CBI against former Haryana CM Bhupinder Hooda in the Manesar land deal case and lodging of FIR against Odisha Congress chief Niranjan Patnaik in a Rs 32 crore fraud case, the party has openly warned probe agencies, threatening revenge against personnel once a new government comes to power.

Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma addressing a briefing on the matter said that action would be taken against those who are involved in “harassing and defaming Modi and Shah’s political rivals”
“They (agencies) have not found anything new (in the cases) and if they had they would have placed it in front of courts. CBI and ED have become the government’s tool, they must work based on the law. They should not target the Centre’s rivals. In a few months there will be polls and there will be a new government and it will decide for every person, every institution, which has misused their powers on behalf of Modi and Shah and harassed and defamed their political rivals,” he said.

This is not the first time Congress has insulted the top institutions of the nation. Earlier also when back to back raids were conducted on Congress President brother in law Robert Vadra the Congress party & its leaders targeted PM Modi Government and termed it all as a political vendetta. The Congress leaders alleged that Government departments are clearly operating on an agenda to besmirch the dignity and reputation of Robert Vadra. At that time the senior Congress leader and Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi also referred to “Modi Raj as “terror raj” in the “constitutional rule” of India.

The Congress leader also alleged that this is the strategy of BJP to divert the attention of people from real issues and the BJP’s failures

The Congress leaders at that time also threatened the officials of Enforcement Department & CBI indirectly that they can’t raid Robert Vadra and Dynasty by issuing them warning indirectly that time doesn’t remain same everytime, Governments come & go, Political masters not always remain same.

This is really disgusting. The Congress Party thinks that everybody is their slave and should work according to them only. They are actually shaken by the fact that the agencies on which earlier they controlled are now taking action against them under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi government and they are actually showing their true face. The Congress Party is exposing itself by threatening the officials

But one thing Congress party should keep in mind that this is fearless Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is not at all affected by the bla-bla of Congress leaders

Source : Republic World