Shocking! Dawood Ibrahim – Rishi Kapoor connection which Main Stream Media is hiding from you!

Ramachandra Bhat K

The following are the excerpts of the interview between veteran actor Rishi Kapoor and a Times of India journalist which has been kept as a secret, hidden from the general public.

Rishi Kapoor shares that along with the good moments and good things, name and fame in the industry had also brought him into contact with people of dubious character such as Dawood Ibrahim. In the year 1988 when Rishi Kapoor landed in Dubai along with his closest friend Bittu Anand for an Asha Bhosle – RD Burman night he was confronted by a man at the airport who was deployed by Dawood to look after the VIP movements in the airport. When Mr. Kapoor was about to leave the airport this stranger came to him and handed over the phone to him. He said that Dawood Ibrahim was on the other side of the phone and added that Dawood Saab would like to talk to you. This was in the year 1988 before the 1993 Mumbai Blasts and hence Mr. Kapoor took over the phone and spoke to Dawood. Dawood spoke with humility and invited Rishi Kapoor to his house. He also added ‘If there is anything you need, just let me know’.  As Rishi Kapoor had not thought of Dawood as a wanted criminal who was on the run and as Dawood was not the enemy of the state yet Rishi Kapoor though taken aback at the invitation did not think of it as harm to visit Dawood at his house.

Later he was introduced to a fair, pudgy guy who looked like a British national. Rishi Kapoor only later learned that this fair p, pudgy guy was Don Dawood’s right-hand man. He said ‘Dawood saheb would like to have tea with you’. As Rishi Kapoor did not find anything wrong he accepted the invitation. The same evening Rishi Kapoor and Bittu were picked up from their hotel in a shining Rolls Royce. While the duo were being driven to Dawood’s home, they were driven in circles so that they could not gage the exact location of his house. Immaculately dressed in an Italian ensemble, Dawood warmly welcomed the duo to his house and apologetically explained. ‘I don’t drink or serve alcohol hence I invited you over tea’. This tea-biscuit session went on for 4 long hours in which they spoke on various issues including Dawood’s criminal activities for which he had no regrets whatsoever. He said that he had carried out petty thefts but has not killed anyone yet, though he has got someone killed. He revealed that he had got someone shot in a Mumbai court for lying. He claimed that he was Allah’s messenger and hence he shot the liar first through his tongue and then through his brain.

Dawood also told Rishi Kapoor that he loved the movie Tawaif especially because Mr. Kapoor had played a character who was named Dawood in the movie. Dawood was pleased that Rishi Kapoor had unwittingly glorified Dawood’s name. Dawood also spoke about his fondness for Rishi Kapoor’s father, his uncles, Dilip Kumar, Mehmood, Mukri and other actors in his conversation. Rishi Kapoor says he was fearful initially and as the conversation moved further Rishi Kapoor felt comfortable due to warmth shown by Dawood. While we were leaving he again told me, ‘If you need anything at all, any money, anything, just feel free to ask me’ for which Rishi Kapoor thanked Dawood but politely refused his offer saying they were well taken care of.

The second and the last meeting between Dawood and Rishi Kapoor took place when Kapoor couple were at a sprawling Lebanese store called Red Shoe Company. Dawood had a mobile in his hand and was surrounded by 8 or 10 bodyguards. Again he made an offer to buy something for Rishi Kapoor which Mr. Kapoor politely declined. Dawood then shared his mobile phone number with Rishi and Kapoor couldn’t share his number in return as there were no mobile phones in India in the year 1989. At this point Dawood finally said that , “I am a fugitive because I will not get justice in India. There are a lot of people against me in India. There are also people whom I have bought. I pay several politicians who are in my pocket.” Rishi Kapoor requested Dawood Ibrahim to leave him out of this and as he was an actor he wanted to get involved only in acting and did not want to get involved in this mess. The requested was honored and Dawood has never again met Rishi till now. But Dawood changed soon after and he got involved in many criminal activities and went after the country like the way he did. Rishi Kapoor shares he has had no interaction with Dawood Ibrahim after the meeting at the shoe shop but he has met many members of Dawood’s family due to their connection with film industry. One such meeting was with Noora, Dawood’s brother who had lyrics for the movie Shreemaan Aasique in which Rishi Kapoor had taken part. According to Rishi Kapoor there were talks in the industry that Dawood’s crooked men would wake up Nadeem-Shravan the music composers of the movie at 2 am and say, ‘Noora wants to talk to you.’

This chilling experience shared by Rishi Kapoor shows us the devil Dawood is and also his men who use their power to spread terror everywhere. The Bollywood industry sadly was also a part of this and they were terrorized by these goons. We wonder how the media which calls itself ‘Fair’ and ‘Transparent’ has selectively let out this part of the conversation. Is it because they are scared to post anything against Dawood Ibrahim? Only the media and God knows.


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