Shocking!!! How the death of several children in Gorakhpur is used for political mileage by Congress

The development indicating clear negligence by the hospital authorities, a letter by the oxygen supply department warning about shortage has been recovered.

The letter was written in the hospital authorities on Aug 3 and Aug 10, informing them about the shortage of oxygen cylinders as the Pushpa sales stopped supply over pending payment.

This proves that hospital authorities neglected the fact of shortage of oxygen, eventhough they were all well aware about it, which allegedly claimed lives of over 60 infants.

Yogi Adityanath dispatched two Ministers to the hospital!

 Followed by the instructions of the CM, Siddharth Nath Singh, Health minister of UP and Ashutosh Tandon, Medical  Education Minsiter have left for Gorakhpur.

“The Chief Minister has given us proper instruction on this issue. We will leave for Gorakhpur soon and after details analysis of the situation will take further decision on the same,” Tandon said.

The shortage of oxygen allegedly led to encephalitis, which is a sudden onset inflammation of the brain, following which the children died.

The families of the children have claimed that the doctors were not treating them well and the hospital was not even providing the medicines which were required for the treatment.

As per the locals, though the hospital is supposed to provide free medical assistance, neither there is proper medical facility available nor are the patients provided free medicines.

Taking advantage?

The opposition parties started blaming the CM of UP about this without knowing the fact. Ignorance done by Hospital by taken over 60 lives and due to viral disease, hundreds die per year.

Mr. Sidharthnath Singh said, Opposition parties should not politicise the deaths. U.P. Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya blamed the Opposition for giving statements in a haste.

Also, police have raided two Oxygen Supply companies in Gorakhpur in order to investigate the real facts.

Shikha Mahajan