Shocking details : In 2008, Pinarayi Vijayan had asked CPM members to follow Bengal style of killing

In a series of shocking revelations made by Kerala Congress MLA A.P. Abdullakutty in 2014, he stated that in 2008, Pinarayi Vijayan, who is now the chief minister of Kerala, had asked his fellow Communist members to adopt the West Bengal style of killing opponents.

So, what exactly is West Bengal style of killing ?

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) ruled West Bengal for more than 3 decades, and as has been the practice of Communists all across the world, they murdered thousands of people who were opposed to them politically or ideologically. However, the communists in West Bengal adopted a unique style to kill them. The left goons kidnapped people, buried them deep under the ground by wrapping their bodies in salt so that even the bones dissolved.

When CPM goons killed 5 members of RSS in Kannur in 2008, the pictures of the deceased were going viral all across the country. This was not onlt exposing the Communists, but also embarrassing them. It was during this period that a meeting of top CPM brass in Kerala was conveyed, where Pinarayi Vijayan asked the CPM goons to follow West Bengal style of killing.

Abdullakutty recalls, “After the killing of five persons in CPM-BJP clashes in Kannur in 2008, there was the usual peace meeting at the collectorate. But I can never forget another incident that happened at the same time. CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan had convened a meeting in Azhikodan Mandiram to discuss the issue.

Myself, P. Karunakaran, P. Sathidevi, MPs, MLAs and other top leaders were present. At the end, Sathidevi expressed her grouse. She said Left MPs were hanging their heads in shame in Parliament. BJP members were flashing photos of severed bodies. We cannot stand this and such barbaric killings should end.

A grim Pinarayi acknowledged Sathi’s point and said: “In this matter, we should learn from Bengalis. They do it without shedding even a drop of blood. They kidnap people, bury their bodies in deep pit along with a sack of salt. The world never comes to know about the blood, photographs or the news about such killings.’’

Pinarayi’s explanation choked me. But I could see the glow in the eyes of Jayarajans.  After the meeting, we MPs returned to Delhi. I shared the incident with friend Suresh Kurup who too was disturbed. Later, I met Anil Basu, CPM MP from Bengal. I asked him about Bengal killings in the presence of Kurup. To our shock, Basu said:  “Yes comrade, Bengal line is very simple. Your Kerala line is the ancient barbarianism.  In Bengal, not a drop of blood will be there, even bones will disappear.’’

This is the grim reality of the undemocratic Communist Party in India, which has survived in Bengal and Kerala by brutally killing those who are opposed to it. The murder of RSS workers in Kerala, unfortunately, continue at the hands of leftist goons. Now that Vijayan is the CM of the communist ruled Kerala, the number of fatal attacks on RSS workers has increased many times.

Kshitij Mohan