Shocking details emerge as NIA cracks RSS worker Rudresh murder, Check the motivation behind the killing!

Rudresh, an RSS worker was brutally killed last year in Bangalore during an RSS rally. The broad day light murder in the most busy area of Bangalore shook the Garden city and exposed the dark side of deteriorating law and order situation in Karnataka.

It also leads to massive protests through our Karnataka demanding the CM to take appropriate action. But the Chief Minister took no interest after which the case was handed over to the NIA (National Investigation Agency). There was a suspicion that the PFI and SDPI had a role to play in the Rudresh murder. The NIA which investigated the case concluded that all the accused belonged to the radical Islamic group PFI and were responsible for the murder of RSS worker.

The PFI members Irfan Pasha, (32), a resident of Govindapuram, Waseem Ahmed (32) of Austin Town, Mohammad Sadiq (35) of Marappa Garden, Mohammed Mujeeb Ulla (46) of RT Nagar and Asim Sheriff (40) of Benson Town were prominent members of Popular Front of India (PFI) and its affiliated political organisation Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) have been arrested in the case.

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The NIA along with the police said that there was no personal enmity between Rudresh and murderers but was killed only for his affiliations towards a particular organisation. The NIA states that the entire conspiracy and planning to kill Rudresh was made in Aqsa Masjid and near Chhoti Charminar Masjid in Bengaluru in September 2016.


1. The PFI wanted to trigger terror among the people of Karnataka and warn them from joining RSS and BJP. They wanted to kill two more RSS members after the RSS route march on October 16, 2016.

2. The PFI believed killing Hindus and especially RSS/BJP workers were part of the larger plan to spread Islam and Jihadi culture in Karnataka. They also considered RSS/BJP as Kafirs who needs to wiped off the country.

The NIA said the murder was purely an act of terror with a clear intention to terrorize the people in Karnataka and create violence.

But within hours after charge sheet was filed, the PFI members have gone bonkers over the case and are brazenly defending the organisation. They have gone to an extent of saying they do not trust Indian organisations like NIA and the intelligence.

From past 3 years, every intelligence agency is warning about the growing terror outfits in Karnataka and Kerala. There have been many reports sent to state government asking them to take stringent action against these terror outfits, but the pseudo secular government have continued to ignore the threats and given them free hand to gain few extra votes. Despite 21 murders of RSS/BJP workers in Karnataka since 2 years, there has been no action.

What is scary is, the PFI is spreading its wings in all parts of Karnataka and reportedly involving itself in mass scale conversions. Apart from Mangalore, there are now reports of many Love Jihad cases in Mysore, Bangalore as well. A recent incident happened in Mysore, where a girl called Anusha Hegde was allegedly trapped in Love Jihad and was married to a man called Javid Khan. The girl’s mother had launched a police complaint after which the news was out. So, it is not just the killings, PFI and other radical groups are targeting Hindus in every way possible to spread Islam and create a terror state.

Aishwarya S