Shocking disgrace! Until now you had seen ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans on roads of Kashmir, now MLAs chant inside JK assembly!

In a very very shocking incident, the Omar Abdulla party MLA has raised Pakistan Zindabad slogans inside the JK assembly. On the day when Pakistanis orchestrated a terror attack in Sunjuwan army camp, the shameless traitors from NC party have chanted slogans praising Pakistan.

J&K National Conference (JKNC) MLA Akbar Lone was the man who has disgraced India supporting Pakistan and their inhumane terror attacks. The Omar Abdulla party has always stood for terrorists and Pakistan betraying India on every front, but unfortunately they are still residing on Indian soil living on tax payers money.

When the Republic TV question Akbar Lone, he defended himself brazenly questioning the Indian army’s action against terrorists.

Take a look at his words…..“Yes I said it. Why does it bother you? It shouldn’t bother you. This is my opinion. This is my personal view. I said it in the house, and it will say it in front of you as well… It shouldn’t bother you.”

It is a shame that we have allowed such people to be in India and have voted to make them MLA. They have no remorse and completely believe in what they say. This man Lone, hasn’t made his statement to gain media attention, but has spoken his real intention and deeds. It is definitely not a surprise that these people speak in the voice of Pakistan as they have been part of the enemy country which is creating violence in Kashmir and wants to break JK from India.

These people get huge funds and support from Pakistan ISI, Indian secular parties like Congress and foreign funded NGOs who are waiting to destabilize India in the name of freedom of speech and human rights.


The only way to put a full stop to this brazen attitude is to either revoke their Passport or to bring a law making it criminal offense to chant anti national slogans. So, only when people put pressure on government we can expect some change.

Aishwarya S


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