Shocking!!! Do you know the “Secret Squad” set-up by Islamists that trapped and exploited 105 Hindu girls in just one year?

When the case of ‘love jihad’ was handed over to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), hopes took branches that the violence against Hindu families in South India, especially in Kerala would come to an end. Now, NIA investigation has revealed how Islamists set a trap to hunt down Hindu girls in the name of fake love. To carry out this act, they had set-up a squad named “Dawa Squad”.

Who are the targets of Dawa Squad?

The investigative agencies have found that Islamist organisations have formed ‘Dawa Squads’ to forcibly convert Hindu girls of a particular disposition in Kerala into Islam. All those leftists who shouted that ‘Love Jihad’ is a fake story must be exposed in the court for misleding the Hindu community. Yes, love Jihad is an organised act carried out by Islamic extremists for which there is regular flow of money through various channels.

The Dawa Squad targets mainly the Hindu girls who fall in the age group of 18-28 years. Another shocking information is that the woman who encourages Hindu girl to embrace Islam belongs to the radical group Popular Front of India (PFI).

The report also reveals that 130 girls were targeted and out that 103 girls were converted to Islam. So a Hindu girl marrying a Muslim is not coincidence but an organised agenda to convert Kerala into an Islam majority state.

The Dawa Squad is well equipped with both logistical and legal support. They usually target educated women. “Hunt, convert and exploit the Hindu girls”, this is the prime intension of these radicals.

The entire issue came to lime light when a Hindu girl became Hadiya (name after she converted to Islam). After identifying their target, they completely isolate that girl from her family and brainwash her by saying that “If you marry a Muslim man, the doors of heaven will open”.

This conspiracy starts from terrorism and ends up with Love-jihad. This conspiracy was being openly carried out by Islamic organisations but sadly the mainstream is not aware of this threat. After the target is successfully hit, the man who accomplished the task will be rewarded according to the caste of the victim girl. The price from varies from Rs 7 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh.

Who is this Sainaba?

The NIA reports reveal that it is Sainaba, the president of the women’s wing of Popular Front of India (PFI) who was actively leading the ‘love jihad’ in Kerala. It is believed that she has terrorist intensions too. NIA report also said that she has links with Marksol ‘Sathya Sarani’. There are also evidences of Sainaba’s followers getting involved in both Akhila and Athira’s cases.


Nishika Ram