Shocking!!! Do you know why Sonia Gandhi and P Chidambaram should be sent to jail immediately?

This is even worse than the billion dollar scam that was carried out in India. This is even worse than the massacres that took place in India. The hands that were involved in this crime were of Congress party especially that of Sonia Gandhi and P Chidambaram.

“The RSS and the BJP were behind the Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon blasts,” this was the sentence given out by the then Congress Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde.

If Shinde is telling the truth, then the United Nations Security Council and the US Treasury Department are fabricating charges against Qasmani, Dawood and the LeT.

Why Sonia Gandhi sidelined the accurate information provided by United States?

The USA security analysts said that the Malegaon and Samjhuatha blasts were directly linked to the Pakistani terrorist organisation but Congress believed in reservation system and wanted to reserve even the Indians in this blast. So the deserving candidate according to the Congress was staunch patriot Lt Colonel Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya Singh and few other Hindus.

Six persons were killed and nearly 100 others injured when a bomb strapped to a motorcycle had exploded in Malegaon town of Nashik district on September 29, 2008. Sadhvi Pragya and 44-year-old Purohit were arrested along with some others in the case.

Narco test revealed that SIMI was involved in the blast!!!

From day one of the investigation, it was proved that Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and the LeT were involved in the Samjhauta Express blasts. Later Nagori’s revelation further strengthened the claim that it was not Sadhvi or Lt Col Purohit but the Pakistani terrorists carried out the blasts.

Why Congress wanted to protect Pakistan?

Every Indian knew that Pakistan is eagerly waiting to destroy India. So after the bombs were blasted, it was the responsibility of the ruling government to act against the Pakistani terror forces. But Digvijay Singh of Congress said that “Not every Hindu is a terrorist, but why that one, getting captured is a Sanghi?”

“I have been pressurized mentally and physically by the investigating agencies to confess that I was behind these blasts”, these were the words of Swami Aseemanand. He too was tried to tag with the name Saffron terrorist.

Later the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat was tried to drag into the issue but the Congress failed miserably.

Isn’t this the right time to send Sonia Gandhi into the jail?

After the court denied the involvement of Lt Col Colonel Purohit, Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pragya, why can’t the court voluntarily file a case and send Sonia Gandhi and ally into the jail for calling Hindus as terrorists?

Hansika Raj