Shocking expose! Issue is not Kashmir anymore, Hindu decimation is the main aim of Pak terrorists reveals Al Qaeda video!

Couple days back, the US declared Hizbul Mujaheideen terrorist Syed Salahuddin as Global terrorist. But Pakistan was in no mood to mend its ways and has now formed new terror plot to destroy India. This was first revealed by TimesNow which showed shocking details in which the Pakistan’s main target was Hindu decimation in India.

In 1947, the reason India was partitioned by Md  Ali Jinnah was because he wanted a separate Nation for Muslims. However India allowed those Muslims who did not wish to go to Pakistan to stay back in India. The country provided equal opportunity, gave benefits and all facilities to minorities and treated them with all respect. But Pakistan was never happy with the piece of land they got and always tried to snatch Kashmir from India.

Although initially the Kashmir issue was related to land disputes, slowly it became the sole objective of Pakistan to target India. The terrorists who became dominant in Pakistan eventually turned the entire Nation into a jihadist hub. In the name of Islam, the terrorists preached hatred, murder, rape and killing of people belonging to other religions. They infiltrated Kashmir with terrorists and separatists and radicalized the state to turn against India and Hindus. The mass murders and ethnic cleansing of  Kashmiri Pandits was the first step towards converting Kashmir and India into an Islamic territory.

50 years down the lane, today Pakistan is nothing but a terror Nation which is raging a Jihadist war against India in the name of religion. The issue today is not about Kashmir, but about destroying India through Kashmir. Those people who spoke about the Pakistan-Islamic threat 20 years back were termed Hindu radicals, goons and lynch mob. But today these words are being proved with evidence.

Just after the US declared Syed Salahuddin as Global terrorists, the Al Qaeda’s wing AQIS (Al Qaeda and ISI) released new protocol to turn India into an Islamic state.


In the video released by Al Qaeda, the terrorists goes on to say that Muslims have ruled India for 1000 years and they have every right over the land. The transcripts of the video showed that terrorists declared Hindus as their ENEMY NO 1. It also says India is favouring secularism in the country which is not acceptable to Islam and is allying with Israel, US and Russia which have anti Islamic policy.

But interestingly, the document particularly mentions that India wants to make Muslims of BENGAL slaves, which indirectly shows the next target of Pakistan is West Bengal. They want to use Mamata Banerjee’s Muslim appeasement to turn Bengal into another Kashmir through which India can be attacked.

The documents has a hit list which aims to target top BJP leaders in the country. They also aim to target those leaders who are speaking against separatists and terrorists in kashmir.

So now it is quite clear what is the real intention of Pakistan and terrorists. The Kashmir is just an excuse and the real target of Pakistanis is to turn India into an Islamic state using the local politicians, media and pseudo seculars and liberals who are constantly supporting the Pakistan’s narrative in the name of freedom of speech and secularism.

It is time we realise what threat we are facing than to pretend India has no border issue or remain mute spectators to every anti National activity happening in the country. Remember the attack on Indian Army is just the beginning, the political parties supporting the AZADI gang and terrorists in Kashmir is a part of a massive plot which will soon put the entire Nation in grave danger if we do not put a full stop.

Aishwarya S