Shocking Expose: Who is the Lady Spreading Fake Stories About Gau-Rakshaks?

In a shocking revelation by the man who had claimed he was tortured by an auto driver in Mumbai for carrying a leather bag has confessed that he LIED to SPREAD COMMUNAL HATRED!

Film executive Barun Kashyap who sparked a huge controversy last month by claiming that he was harassed and tortured by a hindu auto driver has revealed to police that he LIED about the attack as he HATED HINDUS and wanted to malign BJP and Modi Government!

In the interrogation conducted by the Mumbai Police, he has confessed all that all his previous claims were completely FALSE and no such incident took place anywhere. He has given a statement Quote: “I accept that I lied about the entire incident. No such incident ever took place. My Facebook post was a lie.“

Kashyap who had lodged a complaint in D N Nagar police station on August 19 claimed that he had boarded an auto at 11 am to reach his office and was attacked by the auto driver for carrying a leather bag. He had begged the driver to spare him and said it was camel skin and not cow skin, but the auto driver had stopped the auto mid way and attacked him along with his friends.





The Truth

The police who started the investigation, came to understand that Kashyap had not left to office at 1.00 pm and not 11 am. The CCTV footage of entire stretch were collected which showed the auto took nine minutes to reach the office and the auto did not stop anywhere throughout the journey.  The police confirmed that Kashyap story was a LIE BEYOND DOUBT!

The Police have registered a case against him for spreading communal hatred and creating tensions in the society.

What is more shocking is, Kashyap was not the only person involved in his heinous act, but the entire episode may have been pre planned by the AAM ADAMI PARTY leader Priti Sharma Menon reveals police investigations. The police have found that Kashyap had stayed in her house in Chembur for two days before the incident. After Kashyap claimed of attack, he immediately went to Aam admi Party for legal assistance.

The senior police has said the entire act looks to be pre planned and has been done to gain political mileage. The police have filed case against Kashyap under 153A (promoting enmity between groups) and 182B (for use of lawful power of a public servant to injure or annoy any person) of the Indian Penal Code. The police also said, the charge sheet will be filed soon and the AAP leader will be questioned too. If convicted Kashyap will be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

This incident has clearly proved how SIKULAR political parties are creating huge DRAMAS to spread communal hatred against HINDUS and BJP. The Gujarat Dalit incident was also proved to be some conspiracy planned by the Congress leaders in Gujarat. Before every election the political parties are orchestrating attacks on Dalits, Christians and muslims and want to win vote banks.

People responsible for such criminal acts will have to be punished severely with no MERCY. The Election Commission will have to expel them from contesting any elections in future.

Aishwarya S


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