Sensational! Height of Minority Appeasement!! Mamata Banerjee said no Durga idol immersion.

Once again crossing all the limits of Minority appeasement and Hindu Hatred, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has ordered the stalling of immersion of Durga idols in water bodies post 6 pm on Dashmi – observed on the tenth day of Ashvin month as per Hindu calendar.

The order will remain in effect until 1st of October. The immersion will be resumed from October 2, said the CM. The decision has been taken in view of Muslim festival Muharram, falling on October 1. Mamata Banerjee was quoted as saying, “No idol immersion after 6 pm on Dashami (Sept 30) till Oct 1 due to Muharram processions, immersion will resume from Oct 2.”

Mamata Banerjee directed all the SPs in the districts to talk to Durga Puja committees and Muharram committees regarding holding of their rallies, and said that there would not be any idol immersion on October 1, on the scheduled day of Muharram.

This is not the first time she did such an anti-Hindu act, last year she also ordered such restrictions on Durga Puja but later on those orders were quashed by Kolkata High Court. But it seems Mamata Banerjee hasn’t taken any lesson from her mistakes and this year she has committed the same mistake again.

She has a habit to appease the minority sentiments at the cost of Hindus. Same has been seen during Ram Navami festival this year, when West Bengal Police took action against Hindus celebrating Ram Navami peacefully.

Durga Puja celebration is one of the most popular festival in West Bengal and it starts with the first day of Ashvin month and lasts up to its tenth day. During the festival, the Puja Pandals dot the entire state and idols of Goddess Durga are placed for worship. Every year, the state witnessed innovative big and small Puja Pandals that attract visitors in large numbers.

Both locals as well tourists come to visit the pandals and offer prayers to the deity. Post the festivity, the puja organizers immerse the idols into water bodies. It generally starts with Dashmi, falling on September 30. But this year, it will be stalled after 6 pm and will only be resume after October 1 post culmination of Muharram.

Durga Puja also seen as a festival which connects every Hindu, as every Hindu feels emotionally and religiously associated with this festival. Mamata Benerjee knows this very well and that’s why she is targeting Hindu festivals repeatedly to bring down the morale of Hindus in West Bengal.

We just hope a better sense prevails and Mamata Banerjee takes this draconian order back, else Hindus should approach Courts and get it cancelled like last year.

Manish Sharma