Shocking homosexual scandals of Mughal rulers that they do not want the world to know about!

 Muslim sultans were famous for having harems. But it wasn’t only women who were used as sex-slaves; even boys were. The rulers weren’t strictly homosexual; they’d get involved in any activity that was sexually pleasing to them. This was why even boys were an integral part of their harems.

This aspect of the lives of Muslim sultans can’t be taught about to children. But they can surely be made known to the adult world. Following are 9 epic homosexual scandals of Muslims sultans –

  • Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi vandalized his minister – Abul Abbas Fazal Bin Ahmed’s – house after he came to know that he possessed a beardless boy that was as handsome as ‘Venus’. The minister had earlier denied that he had such a boy.He was later sacked from his ministerial position.
  • Alauddin Khilji plundered Gujarat, enslaved the wife of King Karan Singh, Rani Kamala Devi. Along with her, a boy named Kafur Hazaar Dinaari was also abducted. Alauddin married Kamala Devi after converting her to Islam. He wore a sacred Zunnar (robe) as a symbol love for Kafur Hazar Dinaari.
  • Kafur Hazar Dinaari aka Malik Kafur was made the vice regent of the Sultan. To make sure he remained soft enough for ‘love’, he was castrated so that he never became a man. The Sultan made sure that his sex-slaves were exclusively be raped by him. The castrated slaves became managers of royal brothels.
  • Sultan Mubarak Khiljiwas in love with a Ghilman (blue-eyed boy) named Khusrau Khan. Khusrau used to provide comfort in the bed and outside to Sultan. He was appointed as the army general who led Sultan’s armies towards south. But the love saga ended tragicly. Khusrau had won the Sultan’s trust. One night when the two were in each others’ arms, the Sultan’s organ was cut off by Khusrau! He put a dagger through Sultan’s bottom and killed him to become the next Sultan.
  • Sultan Sikander Lodhi was another Muslim king who loved blue-eyed boys. He used to be surrounded by boys and females at night and enjoyed group sex.
  • Too much closeness of boy sex-slaves with their Sultan made others feel jealous of them. This created many enemies within the male sex-slave community and whenever a Sultan would die, all his loyal boyfriends would get killed by his successor. From Ghori to Babur to Akbar to Aurangzeb to Bahadurshah, this bloodshed of blue-eyed boys continued.
  • Ferishta narrates how Muhammed Bin Tughlaq gave an ultimatum to boy slaves of Firoz Shah Tuglaq to either leave his kingdom in 3 days or die. Only the few ‘best’ ones were retained for fulfillment of his fantasies.
  • As per Barani, it was Allah’s blessings that Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq was not attracted to beardless boys. However, he had to be disappointed when Muhammed Bin Tughlaq – former’s son turned out to be a boy-addict despite Allah’s disapproval of same. As per Ibn Batuta, this led to tussle between the father and the son.The love for boys was so rampant in Sultans that most of them had maintained a full fledged department for same.
  • The Sultans had a special affinity towards hiring eunuchs on important positions. Eunuchs served from guards to Viziers. Eunuchs were males who were castrated before the king could enjoy them.In other words, there was blatant patronization of the brutal practice of castration of young boys who were at the receiving end of the carnal pleasures of an individual and were killed for no fault of their own.

Source – http://agniveer.com/sex-slavery-boys-medieval-india/

Vinayak Jain