Shocking! ISI installed donation boxes at temples in India to loot money for spying activities!

Pakistan’s intelligence agency the ISI had developed an ingenious method to obtain funding in Rajasthan until it was busted by the Rajasthan police. The ISI had set up donation boxes at places of worship and then used the funds accumulated for spying activities.

An ISI spy, Deena Khan, was arrested by the police from a village in the Barmer district. He unravelled the ISI’s plan.

“Khan revealed that he was in-charge of a small Mazar in Chohtan village of Barmer district and distributed Rs 3.5 lakh of Mazar’s donation to other spies like Santram Maheswari,” said a senior officer of the state’s intelligence and security wing.

The funds were distributed among several spies including Santram and Haji Khan, both of whom were arrested earlier this year for sharing confidential information about the movement of Indian troops on the border. Deena Khan would receive calls from Pakistan of his handles who would ask him to distribute the money as they directed.

This has led to the security agencies keeping better vigil on makeshift places of worship along the border. “The district superintendents of police have been directed to keep a close vigil at such places. With enhanced coordination and strategic planning, we have traced the network of foreign intelligence in Rajasthan,” said deputy ID, R Suhasaa.

As no records of the donations in the Mazar were maintained, Deena Khan was able to use the offerings to fund spying activities. The police are aware that many more such places of worship would have access to the ISI where they’d have installed more donation boxes.

This instance goes to show how deep the ISI has penetrated our country. From having spies in its embassy in New Delhi to having the ability to convert places of worship into money-making entities, the ISI has infiltrated our land and will continue to do so to counter India.

If Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency is indulging in such blatant anti-Indian activities, then how can India maintain cordial relations with Pakistan? Taking this issue up with Pakistan is a waste of time and energy; what India needs to do and is doing, is to step up and proactively dismantle Pakistan’s nefarious designs.

Vinayak Jain