Shocking : Know which political leaders the 3 Al-Qaida terrorists arrested by NIA from Madurai were planning to assassinate

In a major breakthrough, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested 3 terrorists from Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The terrorists belong to Al-Qaida and were the key members of the dreaded terror outfit involved in spreading and strengthening the terror network in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The terrorists are M Khareem , Asif Sultan Mohammed and Abbas Ali.

The deadly terrorists of Al-Qaida were being tracked byt NIA and special cell of Tamil Nadu police since last few days. Based on a specific input, NIA raided several places in Madurai and finally arrested the three terrorists. NIA has also launched a massive manhunt to nab remaining two terrorists who were a part of this group. A huge amount of explosives, materials to make explosive devices and other incriminating materials have been seized from them.

These terrorists were planning to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 22 other political leaders of India, including senior BJP members and leaders of RSS and VHP, who have always been on the hit list of Islamic terror organisations like Lashkar-e-Tyeba, Indian Mujahiddeen, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Al-Qaida. Along with attacking the political leaders, the arrested terrorists were also planning to attack various embassies of foreign countries. As per police, these people were already involved in making threatening phone calls to various embassies. The arrested terrorists were involved in series of bomb blasts that happened in courts. A few days back, police had arrested 6 terrorists from Kerala and 1 from Tamil Nadu.

The threat to the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is at an all time high and the arrest of three deadly terrorists of Al-Qaida who were plotting an attack on him lends credibility to it. It’s time intelligence agencies, NIA, Police and people involved in security of the Prime Minister stay at their highest alert level.

Kshitij Mohan