Shocking!!! Mehabooba Govt buys and destroys crucial video evidence of DSP Pandith’s killing

Indian Army is running a campaign in the valley to wipe out 258 listed terrorist but what to do with the traitors within the country? Every Indian had shed tears when DSP Ayub Pandith was lynched by the mob outside the mosque. He was stripped naked and killed. This was done by the people who he was serving.

The officer had fatal injuries which resulted in the loss of vital organ damage leading to death. Post-mortem revealed that the death was more brutal than imagined earlier.

The officer was 57 years old DSP Mohammad Ayub who was posted outside the mosque during ‘Shab-e-Qadr’ was doing his duty standing at the access control of the mosque at around 12:30 when the mob attacked him and cruelly stripped and stoned to death. The mob then went on a rampage, targeting empty security pickets in the area.

DSP Ayub Pandith is no more but at least by punishing the culprits we can give justice to his family. But in India honest officers are always at the receiving end. Now it is said that the PDP government has destroyed the video evidence of the killing of the police officer.

The official, who had the video, destroyed it for a ‘financial consideration’.  This really shocking incident because now what will happen is that, those who are arrested will shout that they are innocents. Human rights activists will run on streets saying that minorities are targeted. Finally the culprits will walk free.

If this happens, the valley will be a hub for terror activities. Necessary action should be taken in this regard.  This time DSP Ayub Khan was murdered and the proof was destroyed and if the culprits run free than this will encourage them to do further more brutal crimes like this.

Nishika Ram