SHOCKING!! Why Did Modi Lose 3 Lakh Followers on Twitter All of a Sudden ???

Among the Indian Politicians, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most followed person on twitter in India and stands 3rd among the world leaders after Barak Obama and Pope with over 24.5 Million followers. His followers have consistently increased with his gaining popularity in and outside India.

But suddenly on 9th November, Modi’s twitter account saw a sudden drop in the number of followers. Suddenly there were 3.14 lakh followers drop in his account. This happened exactly a day after he announced the news of demonetization.

The news of twitter followers was first published by catch news on 10th November, immediately after which the twitter spokesperson gave a statement that the “the follower drop is on account of spam clean up and has happened across a lot of accounts”. But the twitter spokesperson refused to give his name.

Based on his statement, the news channel posed few questions to Twitter

  1. Was the drop in number of followers due to Unfollowing of people or due to removal of accounts by the Twitter India??
  2. If Twitter has cleaned all the spam accounts or fake accounts why dint it affect Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi or any other VIP’s account??
  3. Why did the reduction exactly take place just a day after announcement of demonetization and not once in 2 months as shown in the graph??


The twitter spokesperson did not say a word on any of these questions and simply said he doesn’t know anything.

What is most shocking is…..On Friday morning (11th November) Twitter India twisted the whole story and said they did not perform any Spam account clean operation and declared that “it was a social graph error, not a spam clean-up” and all the 3 lakh followers which the twitter India claimed to be spam were back on the list.

So Twitter definitely has to answer…

  1. Why did it first claim that they did a spam account clean operation and then suddenly denied it?
  2. For how many accounts did they actually perform spam clean?
  3. Why did the social graphic error only affect Modi’s account?
  4. If there is no mistake of Twitter, then why is Twitter answering through anonymous persons?

The simple logic here is, if the people had really un-followed Modi by their own wish, then twitter won’t be able to add them back. Only if twitter has removed it on purpose, will it be able to restore the followers.

So can we say that Twitter India which is headed by a person who is totally against Narendra Modi played a role in this plot??

Check who is @Raheelk…You will know the Answer!!!

This is been happening since almost 6-12 months. Pro-Modi twitter activist’s accounts are being continuously targeted by Twitter India. Their accounts are suddenly being closed without giving any reason.

One of the best example was suspension of a very prominent journalist Madhu Kishwar account, after she exposed Sanjeev Bhat (Gujarat Ex-IPS officer who is accused of generating fake proof against Modi in 2002).

There were no abusive words used by Madhu Kishwar but Twitter gave no reason for suspension.


Twitter even suspended many famous handles like @India_policy and  parody account of Paresh Rawal.


When many of the followers protested against the move, the Twitter India had to restore back their accounts.

This is how Twitter is trying to suppress the voice of anyone who is pro Modi. We very well remember during the UPA government, the Twitter had suspended over 2000 -3000 handles who questioned the scams and corruption during the Congress rule.

It’s a simple logic that Twitter along with Congress and AAP tried to use the demonetization issue and project it as a backlash against Modi. The opposition parties who are completely rattled by the move are desperately trying all measures to malign Modi and his government. But the strong support Modi received from people left the opposition and hate mongers in a lurch.

Aishwarya S