Shocking!!! More than 5000 Hindus were killed in Kerala in just six months; Do you know who did this?

Our nation is still discussing how cruel was 2002 Godhra riots, mob lynching and intolerance. Actually this is not discussed but is promoted so that the actual issues are sidelined. Today the violence that happen during a bid to stop cow trafficking is considered as violence by cow vigilantes, protesting against anti-nationalists is termed as hyper-nationalism and so on.

But what shall we call the murder of more than 5000 Hindus in Kerala? Have you forgotten the riot that initially started as a protest against the British but later on showed its original colour by butchering thousands of innocent Hindus and raping several women? But sadly we don’t remember this barbaric act. Yes, never forget the Moplah rebellion (Malaba or Malabar genocide).

The sword used to kill Hindus was manufactured at huge quantities and was distributed among the Muslims. Few historians try to fool us by saying that this was a peasant uprising, but in reality this was a well-financed plan to put an end to Hindu prominence of the area.

Lakhs of Hindus were forcefully converted!!!

When all the Indians were fighting towards attaining of freedom, few religious fanatics started the “Khilafat movement” which was a political protest campaign. This movement took a violent turn when the British cracked down the movement in Kerala. The movement that was called as a fight against British, dramatically changed to a war to eliminate Hindus.

Hindus were given the option to either embrace Islam or death. Obviously many brave Hindus opted death; many pregnant woman’s throat was slit and child was pulled out and let to die. The atrocities that started on August 1921 continued for several months.

It was NOT aimed at resisting the British but to forcefully convert the Hindus to Islam!!!

Yes, the Moplah resistance was not aimed at the British from 1836 to 1920. It was aimed at consolidation of the Muslim religion in Malabar district, to make sure Muslims did not re-convert, and also to instil fear of Muslims in that area, to push Hindus out of the area. After the death of Tipu in 1792, the Muslims of the Malabar region so that the population if Islam won’t reduce. This has been mentioned by C. Gopalan Nair in his book. From 1836 to 1920, several Hindus were killed one after the other to instil fear among Hindus.

Maulana Modini called the looting and killing of HIndus ‘military necessity’ while the high priest of Khilafat movement itself the then Congress High Command applauded Moplas for fighting devotedly for their religious cause in a way ‘they consider religious’. This inhuman defending of the barbaric Mopla atrocities prompted Annie Beasent to comment bitterly. She said that “Men who consider it “religious” to murder, rape, loot, to kill women and little children, cutting down whole families, have to be put under restraint in any civilized society”.

During the riots, much of the Kovilagams, and mansions of the upper class was raided, looted, women kidnapped and raped, and menfolk butchered. So, the Khilafat movement, had misused the legitimacy of a freedom struggle to put in place its own agenda of Caliphate, and the macabre, murderous agenda as set forth by its religious leaders. After six months, the rebellion ended and many were imprisoned.

The following were the various leaders of the movement who were sentenced to death following the Moplah riots

  • Ali Musaliar (leader of the movement)
  • Kunhi Kadir, Khilafat Secretary, Tanur
  • Variankunnath Kunhammad Haji
  • Kunhj Koya, Thangal, president of the Khilafat Committee, Malappuram
  • Koya Tangal of Kumaramputhur, Governor of a Khilafat Principality
  • Chembrasseri Imbichi Koya Thangal (notorious for his killing of 38 men by slashing the necks and throwing them into a well)
  • Palakamthodi Avvocker Musaliar
  • Konnara Mohammed Koya Thangal

After this brutal massacre came to an end, the Arya Samaj took a brave step to bring back the people who were forcefully converted to Islam. Swami Shraddhananda initiated this brave move and started the “Suddhi Movement”. But on 23 December 1926, he was stabbed to death by Abdul Rashid at his Ashram.

Mahatma Gandhi never condemned the killing of Hindus: Dr BR Ambedkar

What haunts Indians (especially Hindus) is that Mahatma Gandhi though a staunch supporter of non-violence didn’t find it necessary to protest or put a break to the atrocities against Hindus in Kerala. This was exposed by Dr BR Ambedkar in his book titled “Pakistan or the Partition of India”.

Dr Ambedkar said that “But Mr. Gandhi has never protested against such murders. Not only have the Musalmans not condemned these outrages but even Mr. Gandhi has never called upon the leading Muslims to condemn them. He has kept silent over them”.

The blood-curdling atrocities committed by the Moplas in Malabar against the Hindus were indescribable. All over Southern India, a wave of horrified feeling had spread among the Hindus of every shade of opinion, which was intensified when certain Khilafat leaders were so misguided as to pass resolutions of ” congratulations to the Moplas on the brave fight they were conducting for the sake of religion”, he further added.

The policy of ‘Muslim Appeasement’ took front stage with the ‘Khilafat Movement’ during which Indian National Congress took up agitation for the restoration of Islamic Caliphate (the Caliph being the Turkish Sultan who was considered as the worldwide head of Muslims. He was deposed and disarmed following the First World War in which Turkey was defeated).



Nishika Ram