Shocking!!! Never blame Bangladeshi for a theft, or else they will gang up and enter into your house to rape and lynch a woman

Have you ever seen a neighbouring country entering into a nation and attacking its citizens? In Mahagun Moderne in Noida’s Sector 78, which is a gated community, a Bangladeshi women was caught stealing Rs 10,000 and the owner-Mitul Sethi-of the house threatened her that he will get this incident to the notice of the flat committee as she was working in 12 others apartments. She confessed that she had stolen Rs 10,000 but pleaded not to inform others.

But the owner of the house thought that it is right to inform about this particular incident and requested the women to come along with him. But the woman, who was scared of being handed over to the police, ran away from there. During this, she left her phone in the house of the flat owner. Her fleeing was captured in the CCTV camera.

But the owner went to the facility and complained everything to Mr Ramaswamy about the incident and even handed over the phone. But at night, the husband, of the maid Zora Bibi, came to Mitul Sethi and started enquiring of her wife. He said that his wife has not reached home. But his lie was soon detected because he went on to ask why the owner took his wife’s mobile phone? So, if his wife had not come home, how will he know that the mobile phone is left at the flat? It was all pre planned.

The society has 2,750 flats in its 16 high-rise and four low-rise buildings. Ninety percent of them are occupied. Many houses have Bangladeshi domestic helps.

The Bangladeshi mob next day alleged that she was found in the boot of the owner’s car but the police officials said that it is was a rubbish claim.

But the next day, the residents of the society witnessed a shocking incident. Hundreds of mob gate crashed and attacked the society. The residents were really shocked to see this. Many residents said that they are not safe anymore.

The mob was seen pelting stones and attacking the residents with the iron rods in hand. The security guards hand a tough job in handling the supporters of Zora. Later the police arrived on the location. The society decided to ban the Bangladeshi maids from any work.

So where India is heading towards? A minor will be soon arrested on an objectionable post and will be asked to lynch but the thief will gather their entire gang and attack a decent society but the government becomes a mute spectator.

Now we may also find reports emerging that the woman was honest but the owner harassed her. Some will even find the human rights violation of the woman.

Nishika Ram