Shocking!!! Pregnant Muslim woman burnt alive by her family and her only mistake was that she married a Hindu

The 21 year old Banu Begum was in love with Sayabanna Sharnappa Konnur, a young man from the same village.

Has law and order lost its importance in our Country? Has crime and criminals turned fearless of law and order in Karnataka? Time has got down to such an extent that crime has no fear of law and punishment. Brutal deaths are being awarded to innocent people by their own parents and blood connections.

A Pregnant Muslim woman was stabbed to death and burnt alive for marrying a “Dalit man” in Karnataka.

The incident took place in a village called Gundanakala in the Bijapur district. The 21 year old Banu Begum was in love with Sayabanna Sharnappa Konnur, a young man from the same village.

There was stiff resistance from the families when they heard about their relationship in January this year. Banu’s family was so enraged that they dragged the girl to the local police station and sought a case of POCSO to be filed against Sayabanna.

However, the police dropped the charges against him as they did not find any criminal case against Sayabanna. After the police let off Sayabanna, the couple decided to elope and get married. They went to Goa and later registered their marriage at a sub registrar’s office in Mundebihal, Karnataka.

The couple decided to return to the village again on 3rd of June, when Banu was pregnant. The couple expected that the families would forgive and compromise back with them.

But the expectation had failed, as both the families were unwilling to change their stand soon got into a fight. Sayabanna was brutally assaulted by the girl’s family. The police said that not only were there bite marks on Banu’s mother she allegedly pelted stones at him.

Moments later, Sayabanna escaped and rushed to the nearest Talikote police station to seek help. It took the police nearly ten minutes to reach the location, but when they reached Banu’s house; her family allegedly had stabbed her multiple times and set her on fire.

While Sayabanna begged people to help him save his wife, it is believed that the neighbours went inside their homes and locked themselves up.

Four members including Banu’s mother, her sister, brother and brother in law have been arrested. The police are on the lookout for two other sisters of Banu, who are absconding after the incident took place.

It is sad that our society takes honour killing very easily; we need stringent laws for this. Honour killing is getting worse angles day by day and no civilized society should accept this form of punishment. This is what happens in a hyper-religious society. The only way to deal with this is met out harsh punishments to anyone involved in sectarian violence.

The biggest issue is the “political support” that this kind of activities receives. The Siddaramaiah government should look into this issue as immediate as possible. We like to pretend about unity in diversity but this is happening only through words and political speeches and not in actions. When we can have a Dalit as our President, then why not accept the Dalit’s as a community? People need to stop communal riots in the name of caste and creed.