Shocking Revelation!!! Nehru tried all possible ways to surrender Hyderabad to Pakistan?

Truth may be hidden for days, months, years or even decades but one or the other day, it will surface and destroy each and everyone who tried to suppress it. The same is happening in the case of Congress. No matter how hard it tried to save Nehru, the hidden pages of history has started to haunt them.

Everyone knows that it was due to Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel that the India got united after Independence. Instead of honouring this great man, Jawaharlal Nehru had insulted Sardar Patel in all possible ways.

“You are a complete communalist and I’ll never be a party to your suggestions and proposals”. This is how Mr Nehru had insulted Sardar Patel during a crucial meeting to discuss the liberation of Hyderabad by the Army from the tyranny of the Razakkars, the then Nizam’s private army. So what was the intention of shouting at Sardar Patel? Nehru didn’t want Hyderabad to become a part of India?

Sardar Patel moved out of the cabinet room collecting all his papers after Nehru exhibited his unwanted anger on him. In fact, this was the last time Mr Sardar Patel spoke to Nehru.

What happened later is history! Sardar Patel had launched the ‘Operation Polo’ that began on September 13, 1948 and was ended on September 18.

If Sardar Patel hadn’t initiated this brave move, then Hyderabad would have become a part of Pakistan.

“After a couple of drinks, the princes and the junior Nawabs would open their minds and reveal the secret action plans being drawn out in the Nizam’s palace. Once intoxicated, they would tell me about the plans to merge Hyderabad with Pakistan after Independence”. This was mentioned by MKK Nair, a 1947 batch IAS officer. He got access to these secret information as his guest house was frequently attended by the inner circles of the then Nizam of Hyderabad.

This shocking information was known to Nawab’s close family and the British. But MKK Nair made sure that Sardar Patel was aware of this information so that India won’t break at the hands of these communal forces. Sadly, Nehru didn’t support the noble intention of Sardar Patel.

How Nehru insulted Sardar Patel even after his death?

Sardar Patel, the first deputy Prime Minister of India ended his great life in the year 1950. During his life, Nehru had insulted him in all possible ways but even after Sardar Patel’s death, Nehru started to haunt him.

“Immediately after he got the news about Sardar Patel’s death, Nehru sent two notes to the Ministry of States. The notes reached VP Menon, the then Secretary to the Ministry. In one of the notes, Nehru had asked Menon to send the official Cadillac car used by Sardar Patel to the former’s office. The second note was shocking. Nehru wanted government secretaries deserious of attending Sardar Patel’s last rites to do so at their own personal expenses”.

This was written by MKK Nair, in his book. Hence, it is proved that Nehru didn’t want others to pay homage to Sardar Patel.

Hansika Raj