SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Is Barkha Providing GPS Service to Pakistani Terrorists Since 2013???

These tweets from NDTV journalists Barkha Dutt has brought seriously doubts whether she has been providing details of LoC to Pakistan since long time.

Although these tweets did not look suspicious before, now they seem to have a link with many cease fire violations by Pakistan.

Recently, Gaurav Pradhan, a cyber expert on twitter and who is known to reveal most hidden facts had earlier revealed that Barkha Dutt was acting like a GPS of to many Pakistanis.


Her tweets posted along LoC with soldiers was very surprising, since these are sensitive areas and makes us wonder who gave her access and permission to post the locations of Indian Border Security Forces positions?? She had even asked the Patrol timings of BSF Jawans. Very interestingly she had tweeted that the WATER ROUTE can be used for infiltration’s. Just ten days after her tweets and post the Pampore attack took place in which the terrorists used the same WATER ROUTE to cross LoC.



She even claims to get information from internal security agencies, which army official would reveal sensitive information’s to a news channel??  We should either consider she is lying or there is a mole in the security!!!

Barkha was literally terrified when many websites published this story, she even threatened PostCard team for publishing the story.

But now more shocking information has been revealed by Gaurav Pradhan. Yesterday there was cease fire violations by the Pakistanis followed by heavy shelling and grenade attacks on Mendhar and Tangdhar areas along the LoC area of Kashmir. One soldier was killed, but the Indian Army retaliated aggressively killing 15 Pakistani rangers.

The reports suggest they specifically targeted the MENDHAR post.

Now, look what Barkha had tweeted in 2013 and 2014…

12th September she tweets she mapped 540 km along LoC from Srinagar to Uri, Mendhar (Notice the names of place she had mapped)!

Eight months later, the same Mendhar place is attacked. In 2016 Uri Army camp is attacked.

Can she explain what mapping was she doing? And for whose benefit???

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So Gaurav Pradhan had predicted Pakistan is planning a  major attack on Indian posts. According to him, the firing during Maharashtra and Haryana elections were to keep Modi away from election campaign. Well one may wonder what does Pakistan got to do with Maharashtra Elections?!

The answer is….They just do favor to secular parties when asked, especially 10 J**P***!!

This is just one example as to how this group of Anti nationals works. It should not surprise anyone why Congress leader Mani Shankar Iyer had asked Pakistan help to remove Modi and why Congress will never speak a word against Pakistan and terrorists!

Now, one can understand why the Traitors in India are more DANGEROUS than the outside enemies. Barkha and Congress did not get the name Anti-Nationals for fun, their work is the proof why they are called so!