Shocking : Saurav Ganguly receives death threat via letter – who is behind it ?

What can come as a shock to millions of cricket lovers, and especially Dada fans, the former Indian cricket captain Saurav Ganguly has received a death treat in an anonymous letter. He revealed that he has indeed received a letter which has warned him against attending an inter-college cricket meet at the Vidyasagar University in Midnapore on January 19. As per Press Trust of India reports, local sources in Midnapore have said that a person named Z. Alam wrote the letter addressing to Saurav’s mother Nirupa Ganguly warning Dada against attending the program where he has been invited as chief guest.

“Your son is hereby warned not to attend the program. If he dares to come here, you will not see him again,” is what has been written in the letter. Confirming this, Ganguly said: “Yes I’ve received the letter on January 7 and I’ve informed this to the police and the organisers. Ganguly has been invited as chief guest in the final of the Inter-Collge Cricket Tournament jointly organised Vidyasagar University and the District Sports Association on January 19. The president of Cricket Association of Bengal refused to confirm or deny whether Saurav Ganguly will attend the event as chief guest or not. “Let us see, nothing has been decided yet. You all will come to know if I go there,” he said.

When Saurav Ganguly was asked if he still plans to attend the event, he said that he has not made up his mind and is waiting to hear from various authorities. “I have not decided yet and am waiting to hear from the authorities on this,” the southpaw said. The police authorities have refrained from saying anything about this.

What could be possible reasons ?

  1. Of late, Saurav Ganguly has been promoting a lot of district and school level cricket clubs. He has planned to invest 25 lakhs to improve cricket infrastructure at various schools, colleges and clubs. His last visit to Birbhum became a festive occasion with lakhs of people gathering. This may be threatening the corrupt district/local level establishments and hence the threat.
  2. Second possible reason might be Saurav Ganguly’s closeness to Bharatiya Janata Party. In past, there have been many rumours of Saurav Ganguly’s close association with BJP and he has also praised Narendra Modi. With Mamata’s goons all over West Bengal trying to silence every supporter of Narendra Modi, this cannot be ruled out.
  3. If reports are to be believed, the name of Saurav Ganguly for the post of BCCI President is at the top. It is no longer a secret that BCCI has been in a mess, deep down in corruption. The threat might be from someone in the establishment trying to stop him from getting the role.

None of the options can be ruled out. West Bengal police, being highly competent and a caged parrot of Didi, have no credibility left in the current scenario. Such a serious threat to one of the most important personalities of India must be investigated by central agencies.

Kshitij Mohan