Shocking : Senior Congress leaders demoralize Army ; openly come out in support of terrorists

The Congress Party is touching new lows with every passing day. A party which used to be a nationalist party has reduced itself to one which supports terrorism and separatism – all this just to remain significant and get some votes of a ‘particular’ community. A couple of days after the chief of Army staff Bipin Rawat sent a stern message to the stone pelters who throw stones on security forces during an anti-terror operation and shield the terrorists, Congress party leaders have insulted the army chief by calling him names and openly supported the terrorists.

A few days back, while Indian Army was involved in an anti-terror operation in Bandipore, a large number of terror sympathizers surrounded the army and started to pelt stones on the security forces. This hampered the operation due to which three terrorists escaped. Being surrounded by civilians who were shielding the terrorists and throwing stones on security forces, the terrorists had an advantage due to which four brave soldiers were martyred and three terrorists escaped. After this incident, Chief of Army General Bipin Rawat sent a stern warning to the stone-pelters and said that anyone who does not let army do its work and causes a hindrance in anti-terror operation by the army will also be considered a terrorist and accordingly dealt with. Now, look at these statements from 4 senior leaders of Congress :

  1. Indian Army cannot shoot our ‘brothers’ – Ranjeet Ranjan (MP, Congress)

2. Army Chief Bipin Rawat has lost his mind completely – Sandeep Dixit (Congress)

3. COAS Bipin Rawat has ‘crossed the line’ and must not be supported – P. Chidambaram

4. Army must not take any strong action against the protestors – Ghulam Nabi Azad

The statement comes from the members of same party whose leader Sonia Gandhi wept whole night and could not sleep when terrorists were gunned down by police in a fierce encounter in Batla House. Since last few years, Congress has been openly supporting the sentiments that shield terrorists and terrorism. As a home minister in UPA, it was the same P. Chidambaram who coined the word “Hindu terrorism” to divert the investigations and shield the terrorists. Various leaders of the Congress party have openly expressed their support and sympathy for deadly terrorists. When the terrorists were killed by Army in a daring surgical strike, Congress party mocked the operation and insulted the army. Today, with these shocking statements, it has once again supported the terrorists and demoralized the Army chief, Indian Army and security forces who give up their lives to protect the country from terrorists.

Kshitij Mohan