Shocking!!! There is another state than West Bengal where Hindus are targeted daily: Know the Congress ruled state which has literally become hell for Hindus

The continuous desire of Muslim appeasement has made West Bengal burning. Home and police stations are burnt by the mob but the police are busy arresting BJP and RSS leaders. So major Medias who wanted to show the world the truth are saying that West Bengal is no more good to Hindus. But there is another state in India where the Hindu organisation workers are hacked to death regularly. And that is Congress ruled Karnataka.

We all know that there are many facilities in India for the minorities. None of the Hindus have opposed this. But the worst thing is that, Hindus are not given any facilities and upon that Hindus have to face atrocities. And finally if they protest, they are suppressed in every possible way.

Here is an analysis of the amount spent on the minorities. It clearly says that the non BJP ruled states do spend more money than the BJP ruled states. This clearly says that minorities are favoured by parties like Congress and Trinamool Congress.

The West Bengal government has allocated Rs 2816 crores in the 2017-18 budget to the Minority Affairs and Madrassa Education department. Muslims constitute 27 % of West Bengal’s population and this is the main reason for extreme minority appeasement. On an average Mamata spends Rs 1140 on every Muslim person.

The Maharashtra government led by Devendra Fadnavis has allocated Rs 405 crores to the minorities in the year 2017-18 and Rs 405 crores last year. So the amount of money spent on every Muslim is Rs 269.

But now let us focus on the Karnataka government where RSS workers are killed regularly by Jihadi forces. Karnataka allocated Rs 1527 crores to minorities. So an individual Muslim gets Rs 1933 of benefits. So this is the highest amount allotted by any state in India.

Uttar Pradesh which has the highest number of Muslims in state and they are allocated Rs 5431. So every Muslim will get an average amount of Rs 1410. But this was when Akhilesh in power. We should wait and see how CM Yogi will allocate.

So according to this analysis, we can see that Karnataka and West Bengal is highly spending on Muslims. Let us ignore the spending; even Hindu community have poor people. But why atrocities against Hindus are immensely increasing in these two states. Recently in Mangalore, Karnataka, a RSS worker was killed and during his death procession, several Muslim youths were seen throwing stones. Now this is disgusting, the people were saddened by the demise of the youth named Sharath Madivala but these Jihadi forces don’t even spare Hindus during the sad moment.

But what is more disturbing is that the Karnataka Congress government led by Siddaramayya arrested the Hindu leaders who condemned the killing of Sharath Madivala. What to say for this kind of governance?

Presently there are two trends in the nation

  • The personal fights between Hindu and Muslim community is shown as attack on Muslim community
  • Regular attacks on Hindus is not taken seriously and is tried to divert the attention of the nation

Source: Source: http://www.business-standard.com/article/politics/do-bjp-led-states-spend-less-on-muslims-than-mamata-congress-117071001018_1.html

Nishika Ram