Shocking : Three major security lapses in PM Modi’s security on same day – Know more !

In what can be considered as one of the biggest ever breaches in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a youth posing as an IPS officer entered among the security personnel who were responsible for the security of the prime minister during the 350th anniversary celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh. As per reports in the Hindustan Times, a youth who posed as a fake IPS officer was detained by the Bihar Police. The fake IPS officer was reportedly there to review security arrangements made for PM Modi and said he was an IPS officer of Bihar cadre, belonging to the 2015 batch. However, when a fellow officer asked for an ID, he was unable to produce one. What is more concerning is the fact that the person went unnoticed until half an hour before the arrival of the prime minister.

The second major breach of the Prime Minister Modi’s security happened yet again in Patna when an unidentified private car mysteriously found its way inside the route which had been completely sealed off as the cavalcade of the Prime Minister was about to pass through the route. The private vehicle drove past the road which had been cordoned off as the Prime Minister’s cavalcade was supposed to use it. Security officials said the car came to a highly secure spot where even ambulances were forbidden. The vehicle was later identified and the driver arrested. The police are investigating how the vehicle found its way in such a high security zone.

Soon after the two cases of major security lapses, there was a third security lapse near the Prime Minister’s residence in Lok Kalyan Marg. The Trinamool Congress protesters who had gathered there to stage a protest against Narendra Modi, somehow crossed the security cordon and came dangerously close to the secured zone. The visuals of the TMC members coming too close to the prohibited zone went viral on social media. The situation was very soon brought under control, but shouldn’t arrangements be made that the breaches dont occur at the first place ? It is reported that the Prime Minister himself asked the concerned officials about the breach of security.

Everyone in the country knows that the threat to PM Modi’s life is at an all time high and hence, extra precaution must be taken by Special Protection Group to ensure that no untoward incident ever happens. In a speech at Pune just three days after demonetisation, he had personally expressed fear to his life in front of a huge crowd and hence, slightest of breach must be taken with utmost seriousness. As of the three incidents that have happened on the same day, each of them must be thoroughly probed and the loopholes plugged. Even a little lapse in the security of PM Modi is unacceptable at this stage.

Kshitij Mohan