SHOCKING TRUTH! Kejriwal Being Funded by Khalistan Terrorists??

When Arvind Kejriwal chose Delhi as the state to launch his party AAP in a big way, it came as no surprise. This was because there is a belief right from the days of the Islamic invaders that ‘he who rules Delhi, rules India’. At that time nobody even guessed that like the Islamic invaders, Arvind Kejriwal too was just an invader, who wanted to line his own pockets and not be a good Chief Minister or honest politician who would wipe out corruption from India. As days passed, his masks fell off one by one and everybody came to know about his real ‘avatar’. When he chose Punjab as the next state to make his mark, he claimed that Punjab was beset with problems and he had decided to rid Punjab of drugs. A tall claim indeed!

Then came this shocker from Dr. G Pradhan on Twitter on 10th June :

According to former DGP Shashi Kant, “Those who recall the pre and post 1984 situation are well aware that the militant phase of Punjab had two sets of ‘forces’ working on ground. One was the sections that thought that it was fighting for an ideological cause. The second section primarily consisted of criminals anti-social elements, working either independently to stack in cash or working for certain political parties/organizations to add on to the general mayhem.” This latter section also consisted of individuals working for certain influential officials as ‘cats’ and bringing in both ‘cash and laurels’ to their employers. And this latter category is once again hyperactive in Punjab at the instance of the anti-social segment of the Punjabi polity and officialdom.”

 This became obvious earlier this year when AAP started distribution of party pamphlets with photographs of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale printed on it. Since the party is receiving funds from Sikh hardliners, it is no surprise that AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal and others are trying to create communal tension in the state. In fact a poster showing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s photo alongside slain Sikh militant leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale urging people to celebrate Bhindranwale’s  birthday on February 12 in the state’s gurdwaras, went viral on social media.


The poster also carried photos of AAP’s Punjab in-charge Sanjay Singh, state convenor Sucha Singh Chotepur, and party MP Bhagwant Mann. Mr. Chotepur was later sacked from the AAP and he has now officially announced that he will be joining Navjot Singh Sidhu’s fourth front.

In June, 2016, Punjab Congress chief Captain Amarinder Singh also claimed that he has proof that Khalistanis were funding the party of Arvind Kejriwal in Punjab. Contrary to Aam Aadmi Party’s much hyped anti-corruption stand and emphasis on transparency, major source of their funding is Khalistani Hardliners living abroad, especially in Canada and U.K. and all the money pumping in, is going into unaccounted account. This might have exposed the dubious nature of AAP but more worrisome is the fact it is fueling party’s anti national agenda and that is a very dangerous trend for Punjab.


According to Mr. Kingra, a former bureaucrat and former AAP member,“The data they (AAP) put online is a farce. A lot of transactions are in cash and there is no transparency. As many as 8 – 10 political conferences have been held in Punjab by AAP, since June last year. The party also held 36 constituency-wise conferences. How were these being funded? There should be an inquiry. There is no balance sheet for Punjab. Of Rs 23 lakh I collected, Sanjay Singh took Rs 5 lakh in cash. When I told Durgesh Pathak about it, he kept quiet.” AAP itself claims that party’s coffers in Delhi have swelled “exponentially” owing to donations for Punjab. “After Keralites and Gujaratis, the highest funding for AAP is coming from Punjabi NRIs”, Party’s campaign committee convener Bhagwant Mann had quoted.

In light of all the above, is it any wonder that Arvind Kejriwal is crying hoarse about Demonetization? With Hawala transactions from abroad affected and cash donations drying up, AAP certainly looks like it will not have Punjab in its kitty. Perhaps that is why they backed off from their principled stand of “no alliance” in elections. They have now announced that they will share five of the 117 assembly seats with an “under construction” party and they might share more with any party which shares the same ‘principles’ as theirs.

Jai Hind !!!

Rati Hegde